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To repel black flies - Stops the approach of black flies

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petHorse protect 2001

Black flies attack STOP (Animal)

Pheromones stop the approach

For horses, beef, donkey, dogs and all other animals.
It stops all black flies and midges. S
ecure protection through the use of special biochemical mediators (alarm pheromones).

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With only 9.00 to 11.00 € per month the attack of black flies is effectively blocked for a period of time up to 24 hours

 Successfully present on the market since 5 years
 Currently used on approx. 40,000 horses

 Against all types of black flies (1550 species)
 Against all types of biting midges (5000 species)
 Long-term protection for up to 24 hours
 Protection against the formation of sweet itch

• Spot on (approx. 5 spray points)
Retard/depot formulation
 Effective protection against black flies
Effective protection against midges

Immediate effect / no waiting time
Natural pheromones
• Without chemicals, 100% biological
Dermatologically Safe
Extremely economical and efficient
Effective professional application for stud farms
The application is ADMR compliant (G
erman rules for medicines and anti-doping control)
Shelf life of at least 12 months
Peticare Release System (PRS)

Brand: Peticare ©
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peticare® petAnimal protect 2001
Stop to the attack of black flies and biting midges

Special product for horses, dogs, cats and all other farm animals

Consumption data in the recommended application (5-7 spray dots per horse):

Size Quantity Product duration Price per month (approx.)
100 ml enough for 1 horse up to 3 months about € 11,00 per month
250 ml enough for 1 horse up to 6 months about € 9,00 per month
1 litro enough for 3 horses 3 x during warm season about € 7,00 per month pro horse
Size enough for Treatment duration Cost/month
100 ml 1 horse up to 3 months about 11,00 €
250 ml 1 horse up to 6 months about 9,00 €
1 litro 3 horses 3 x during warm season about 7,00 €/horse

For professional use (breeding, riding stables, veterinary, etc..) Packs of 5, 20, 30, 200 liters
(In case of commercial use, contact us for large dimensions packs, via email to

peticare® petAnimal protect 2001 (Black flies attack STOP) is a highly effective, fully biologic, technological premium product for the rejection of the attack of black flies and midges.This special product has been specially developed against all species of the black flies (1550 approx.) and all species of midges as well (5000 approx.). Highly effective biochemical pheromones (molecular mediators) are used as a base. These complex alarm pheromones act naturally in the biochemical communication of insect families such as  black flies and midges.

The effect of pheromones (attack stop) is therefore achieved only against black flies and biting midges.

The mediator (alarm pheromone) sends a biochemical signal to the black flies (and also to the midges) that prevents the attack of these pesky bloodsuckers. The dangerous bite of the black flies, which triggers the sweet itch or an eczema, is prevented and consequently the animal doesn't reach the allergic reaction.

Pheromones are broken down into tiny pieces and dipped into a thin, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). Thanks to this formulation of the active ingredients, a highly efficient depot / retard product is achieved. Due to the high yield, one very parsimonious application is enough to protect the horse (or other animals) up to 24 hours from black flies (midges) and consequently from the sweet itch.

The attack of black flies and midges is reliably avoided.

The dreaded horse's allergic reaction (sweet itch) is prevented.

With a parsimonious spray (Spot on - approx 5 spray points) a thin layer of biochemical pheromone (alarm pheromone) is generated for the defense against black flies and midges. With the special peticare® release-system (delayed and continuous release) the active ingredients (pheromones) are released slowly and evenly from the matrix. The release system frees the alarm pheromones over a 24-hour period. Through this technological formulation of active ingredients a depot / retard preparation is achieved that acts in a particularly effective way.

Pheromones have been specially developed for all types of black flies and all types of biting midges and are therefore active only against these kinds of dipterous insects.

NEW - Alternative for timid and nervous horses (when the spray is not applicable):
The Black flies attack STOP as reinforced concentration in a 
Roll-On applicator (protect 2011) for horses that do not bear sprays and vaporizers.

Spray the involved animal depending on the size, every 8-24 hours on 3-7 points with the Spot from a maximum distance of 5-10 cm (do not fog it). Two direct supplies are enough for each spray point. Preferably are vaporized points on the head, neck, shoulder, back, thigh, belly and the horse's penis. In the case of extremely strong attack (evening hours) you can vaporize at will further additional points.

Natural ingredients:
ingredients in high doses, natural pheromones (alarm pheromone as biochemical mediator)
- Water
- Pheromones
- Beta-Cyclodextrin Hydrate 89%
  (an enzyme obtained from bacteria)
- CAS 106-23-0 (+/-)-Citronellal <0,1%
natural ingredients with no danger to humans, animals and environment.

Shelf-life of 12 months (from +5 to +25 degrees)

As a precaution, renew the protection after a heavy rain

peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 
(Multi-Repellent Mosquito)

Pheromones (mediators) produce a biochemical protective shield that can be felt only by black flies and midges. For normal mosquitoes, sand flies, horseflies and ticks use the special peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 with the active ingredient ICARIDIN approved by WHO.


Detailed information about the topic:
Infestation by black flies

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for horse farms, bridleways facilities, stables, breeders, veterinarians and others.
Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.

peticare® petAnimal protect 2001
(Black Flies STOP)

• against all types of black flies (1550 species)
• against all types of biting midges (5000 species)
• Highly effective protection for up to 24 hours
• It prevents the sweet itch 
• Spot on (about 7 spray points)

• Retard/depot formulation
• Effective protection against blackflies
• Effective protection against biting midges
•  Immediate effect / no waiting time
•  Natural pheromones
• Completely biologically degradable
• Effective pheromones
• Without chemicals, 100% biologically
• Dermatologically Safe
• Extremely economical and efficient
• Non-toxic, toxicologically absolutely harmless
• Effective professional application for stud farms
• The application is ADMR compliant (German medication and anti-doping control rules)
• Shelf life for at least 12 months
• Peticare Release System (PRS)

According to the anti-doping rules and medicines control rules of the German Equestrian Federation, the use of this product is allowed in competitions.

Environment: completely biodegradable, no water pollution (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)

Hazard: none

Thanks to the block of the attack of the black flies, the expansion of the existing sweet itch is prevented. To support healing of the horse's skin in the case of sweet itch peticare® petHorse health 2000 (Eczema care in the horse) is used.

With the treatment of the eczema, the healing is significantly accelerated and the growth of new hair and mane on bald spots begins after about 5-7 days. In case of existing sweet itch you should use till complete healing both the Black flies attach Stop and the Eczema care.

Our special products in the scope of protection from insects
•  Black flies & midges attack STOP 
   for all animals
•  Black flies & midges attack STOP 
    for humans
•  Multi-Repellent Mosquito 
   Mosquitoes and ticks on the animals
•  Multi-Repellent Mosquito 
    Mosquitoes and ticks on humans

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA


Instructions for use:

Shake well before each use!

Spray the body of the animal involved every 8-24 hours on 3-7 points (3 for the dog, 7 for the horse) from a maximum distance of 5 cm (do not fog it). Two direct supplies are enough for each spray point. Preferably are vaporized points on the head, neck, mane (hairline), shoulder, rump, tail (coccygeal vertebrae), thigh, belly and the horse's penis (dog and other animals according to common sense). In case of extremely strong attack further additional points can be vaporized at will.

In case of concomitant use with ECZEMA CARE apply the Attack Stop always separately at another position, so that the effects of the two products do not overlap.

If the Multi-repellent Mosquito is used concomitantly, please be careful not to spray it on the already vaporized points, as it may limit its effectiveness.

Outdoor farming: as a precaution, renew the protection after heavy rain .

Technical data:

• drying / curing: none
• shelf life in the original package
     at least 12 months
• Do not expose to direct sunlight
• Storage temperature: from + 5 ° C up to + 25 ° C
• Toxicity: none
• Water contamination: none
    (Water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)



Das Kribbelmückenstopp Spray ist wirklich TOP!!!


Bin mit den Produkten sehr zu frieden. Deshalb habe ich es auch an Freunde weiterempfohlen,die es ebenfalls gekauft haben.


Ich habe es wegen der Kriebelmückenplage für die Pferde gekauft, ja, ich kann meinen, dass die mit dem Spray weg bleiben. Das Spray ist sehr fein und sollte nicht bei Wind angewandt werden, da es sonst weg geblasen wird, das wäre dann bei dem Preis zu schade. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt.


Kriebelmücken Anflugstopp wirkt bei unseren Hund wunderbar. Die Kriebelmücken haben keine Chance mehr. Man sprüht den einfach 2 bis 4 mal ein. Ich würde das Kriebelmücken Stopp jederzeit wieder kaufen. Auch zum Wohl meines Hundes.


Alles Super Gerne wieder TOP!!!


Alles bestens!


Alles super gerne wieder


wirkt! ich habe es sehr sparsam angewendet und mein pferd wird kaum noch von den mücken belästigt. der geruch ist recht angenehm.


Ich kann dieses Produkt nur empfehlen. Es ist zwar teuer, aber man spürt die Wirkung doch schnell und effektiv. Die von uns betreuten Pferde kratzen sich deutlich weniger und die Belastung nimmt deutlich ab. Werde bei diesem Produkt bleiben!!


Bin total zufrieden Grüße


Wir haben dieses Produkt gekauft da wir ein riesen Kriebelmückenproblem haben. (Wir wohnen an einem Wasserkanal der durch den angrenzenden Wald fließt) Unser Hund wurde ständig von den Biestern gebissen und hatte teils offene kleine Wunden. Schon nach der ersten Anwendung, vor dem Spaziergang, sind die Biester wie von Zauberhand weg geblieben. Unglaublich. Es ist tatsächlich sehr ergiebig und wenn man es genau wie in der Anwendung beschrieben benutzt, reicht es unseren Hund an 3 Stellen mit 2 mal sprühen pro Stelle einzusprühen. Wir hoffen bloß das die Viecher jetzt nicht uns auffressen, was sie zum Glück noch nicht getan haben.


Wirkt einwandfrei! Habe es für eine Bekannte bestellt. Auf dem Reiterhof sind die Leute erstaunt, dass es so einwandfrei funktioniert. Die Pferdchen haben mehr Ruhe und man muss sich nicht ständig Sorgen machen. Ein größeres Fläschchen wäre super, für Leute die mehrere Tiere zu bewirten haben. Tolle Sache!

Comment from Peticare

Hallo Gebinde gibt es mit 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml Team Peticare


Alles super, vielen Dank


Sehr gut


Alles bestens, gerne wieder!! Danke!!!


Top Prudukt




Super vielen Dank für dieses tolle Produkt. Mein Pferd hat seit Jahren Ruhe vor diesen blöden Kriebelmücken. Sehr schön


ich bin bisher mit dem mittel sehr zufrieden!!!


Vielen Dank! Super Produkte!

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