peticare horse and dog care  Peticare horse and dog care

Peticare® animal care is a new molecular technological care system for dogs and horses. All active ingredients in the peticare animal care are technological embedded in a Nano scale structure. The active ingredients are thus embedded in an only a few nanometer (approx. 0.000070 mm to 0.000200 mm) small matrix. This means that the active ingredients are embedded in other auxiliary materials and different attributes could be combined. Through this embedded agents the new peticare® Release System results from.

Peticare animal care products are high tech depot and retard preparations. The long term depot originates through a special production method which has the ability to embed the active ingredients into a Nano scale matrix (additives). Inside the matrix the active ingredients are bound for up to 24 hours. The additional embedded additives make sure that the matrix slowly and constantly erode and dissolve in a time period of approx. 24 hours and releases the active ingredients as well slowly and constantly.

This retardation (delayed release) of the active ingredients makes peticare products considerably more effective than comparable care products in the market.

PRS Peticare-Release-System  Peticare human care with the PRS Peticare-Release-System

With the new peticare® care series different active ingredients, depending on the product, are released over a long time period. The animal care series act therefore, compared to conventional products, constant over a long time period of up to 24 hours.

The new developed animal care series from peticare® is available e.g. for:

Horse care:
peticare® Eczema care with summer eczema
peticare® Approach stop black flies
peticare® Fungus and mites treatment
peticare® Mallenders in the fetlock bend
peticare® Thrush at the horse hoof
peticare® Coat care and coat sheen

Dog care:
peticare® Eczema care for the dog
peticare® Fungus infestation & mite pest on dogs
peticare® Coat care and coat sheen

peticare Horse care & Dog care  Peticare horse & dog care products – The product range

Care products with the new PRS technology for the horse and dog care are available for the different operational and care areas. Peticare® products , are available at retailers and at selected veterinarian for following special appliances:

Eczema care Supports the healing of the summer eczema
Approach stop black flies Prevents the sting of the black flies
Fungal infestation and Mite pest Helps with fungal infestation and mite pest
Fetlock bend care Nourishes the fetlock bend during mallenders
Thrush at the horse hoof During thrush at the horse hoof
Care for mane & tail Nourishes lasting mane and coat
Coat care & Coat sheen Supports grow and silky shine
Hoof regeneration – Hoof oil Ensures perfect hoof care

How does the peticare animal care work  How does the peticare animal care work!

The care products of peticare® support the healing of different diseases at dog and horse. All active ingredients of peticare® are included in a Nano technological matrix (active ingredients inside another active ingredient resp. auxiliary material). The peticare® animal care discharge the active ingredients over 24 hours continuously and achieve thereby a continuously long term disinfection resp. a long time care with the animal. The antimicrobial and antibacterial effect prevents bacteria and supports reliable the recovery of horses and dogs.

All peticare® Products are online exclusive available at Peticare

Horse care for sweet itch  Questions with regard to the special animal care with peticare® products

We will answer gladly all of your questions with regards to horse and dog care with the new animal care products of peticare®.

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