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Dry and flaky skin in the dog

As human beings we also know the problem with dry and flaky skin - especially when it is particularly cold or extremely hot outside and the moisture balance of the skin is extremely attacked. Even dogs often suffer from dry and flaky skin, from which  can emerge even a disease pattern. You can read here what you can do as a dog owner against dry and flaky skin and what remedies really help.

Why does my dog have dry skin?

Behind dry and flaky skin in dogs there can be quite banal causes, but also a serious disease.

1. Too frequent bathing

Behind dry and flaky skin in dogs there can be the quite banal problem that you bathe your dog too often and literally use "caustic" shampoos. The chemicals contained in the shampoo dry the dog's skin when used continuously, because they disturb the delicate balance of the skin.

The solution: Peticare has developed a gentle shampoo that does not attack the dog's skin. The shampoo can be used for all breeds and offers a pet-friendly, pH-neutral skin-friendly cleaning. The dog shampoo contains coconut oil and natural silk proteins.

2. Parasite infestation

Sometimes, dry and flaky skin in the dog is triggered by parasites. For example, if you first notice the dry skin on the animal's ear, then ear mites may be the trigger. Also skin fungi are common in dogs, which also lead to changes in skin texture. You usually recognize such a parasite or skin fungus attack by the fact that the dog scratches more. You should act before this frequent scratching creates an open wound into which bacteria and germs can break in.

The solution: Peticare has developed a highly efficient agent for parasitic and fungal infestation in dogs that immediately kills mites, fungi and fleas - without chemicals -. The itching is stopped at once. Peticare hat für den ein hocheffizientes Mittel entwickelt, das Milben, Pilze und Flöhe – ohne Chemie – sofort abtötet. Auch der Juckreiz wird sofort gestoppt.


3. Hot Spot

You recognize the hot spot in the dog as a bald spot that causes severe pain to the dog. The skin itches and feels like a "hot spot", which later secretes a strong-smelling secretion. Hot spots are usually caused by a parasite or skin fungus attack and by the subsequent scratching of the animal.

The solution: Peticare has developed a special agent also for this problem that works immediately without the use of harmful chemicals. The care product was developed on a biological basis, it stops the itching at once and it supports the healing of the affected skin thanks to its long-lasting effect.

What makes the peticare care products against dry and flaky skin in dogs so special ?

All products that work against dog's flaky and dry skin are equipped with the innovative Peticare Release System. The biological agents are stored in a matrix - a porous structure, which  gives them off only gradually. While other remedies usually do not have enough time to work because they are licked or rubbed off by the dog, the protection of the peticare remedy persists for several hours. Even if the top layer is removed, the underlying layer simply comes into its effect. The dry and flaky areas are protected immediately after application and are able to regenerate.

Remedy for dry and flaky skin: on a biological basis

In the production of peticare care products, we give great importance to the elimination of harmful chemical substances from the list of ingredients. Our remedies are free of antibiotics and cortisone - and work anyway. They are completely harmless to the animal and the environment and can be used very sparingly but still have their full effect., Since the application needs to be repeated only at long intervals, you usually get by with a bottle of peticare much longer than with comparable products. The sustained action is maintained for up to 24 hours. 

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