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Mückenplage - Mittel gegen Stechmücken  Mosquito Plague - Remedy Against Mosquitoes

The mosquito plague caused by the black flies, horse flies and gnats is a real  annoyance for human beings and animals every year. In Germany there are about 50 different mosquito families (for example, black flies, gnats, wormflies and sandflies). The mosquitoes (Culicidae) is the dangerous and annoying one. It is  searching for blood, especially in the evening hours. The female mosquitoes need certain substances, which are only present in the blood, for the development of their eggs. The mosquitoes put a sting on the potential host and suck up the blood from its victim with the use of its mouth brushes. To prevent the open wound from drying out, the mosquitoes adds to the blood a blood clotting inhibitor, which is contained in its saliva. 

During the mosquito plague, the victim who is bitten by the mosquito, forms a biochemical defense agent (histamine) in the area of the open wound. This initiates a local, defensive reaction. The body-deficient histamine is dissolved from the skin cells by the saliva released by the mosquitoes. The dissolved histamine is what causes an extreme strong itching, or allergic reaction. In fact, the histamine is supposed to help ward off the body-borne substances from the mosquitoes, horse flies and gnats but unfortunately it causes very severe itching, scratching and scrubbing on animals, as well as human beings. As a result, inflammation occurs and attracts more germs, which can easily penetrate the wound.

The Black Fly Stop mosquito spray from peticare® with the long-term disinfection effect, was specifically developed to protect against the mosquito plague and black flies. 


Black Fly Attack Stop:

Muli-Repellent Mosquito animal
Multi-Repellent Mosquito Human
Stop mosquitoes, horse flies and gnats 

Black Flies Attack stop animal
Black Flies Attack stop human
Stops Black flies and gnats
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Mückenplage - Mittel gegen Stechmücken  Mosquito Plagues and Mosquito Pits - Protection from Mosquito Bites.

In what areas does the mosquito plague, in the form of the black flies, mostly occur? Mosquitoes prefer to stay in very humid areas. The ideal conditions for the mosquitoes, is right after a strong, rainy season, or a storm. When the soil is extremely wet, the mosquitoes multiply explosively and as the temperature rises, a mosquito pest develops. The mosquito plague is at its highest at dawn, as this is the breeding time for the mosquitoes. Once the female mosquito has been fertilized, she immediately looks for a suitable source of blood, as she needs this for the development of her eggs. Unfortunately, human beings, as well as animals, are targets for blood, and thus attacked by the mosquitoes, especially during the evening hours. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends the active substance ICARIDIN for the prevention of mosquitoes during a mosquito plague. This active ingredient repels all mosquitoes (and ticks) effectively for at least 8 hours and it is completely skin-friendly. 


Mückenplage - Mittel gegen Stechmücken  What Causes a Black Flies Mosquito Plague?

What causes a black flies mosquito plague? After fertilization by the male mosquitoes, the larvae of new mosquitoes hatch already after about 3 days. The larvae of the mosquitoes usually live in “waters under water”. After the flooding, many meadows are flooded and this offers the mosquito larvae excellent conditions for its growth. After about 5 more days, the adult mosquitoes hatches from the mosquito larvae. This rapid growth cycle helps mosquitoes multiply explosively. The more humid and warmer it is, the faster this cycle runs off. In the case of rather cool weather, this growth phase can last up to 3 months. A further cause of the mosquito plague is that the female mosquitoes - after the fertilization and the absorption of blood - produces approximately 300 eggs after only 3 weeks. The mosquito plaque becomes even more dramatic, since this process is repeated several times among the black flies.


Mückenplage - Mittel gegen Stechmücken  Mosquito Plague - How to Prevent the Sting From the Black Flies?

The active ingredient Icaridin effectively prevents the attack from mosquitoes, horse flies and gnats. Various studies show that the WHO (World Health Organization) has confirmed several times that the active ingredient Icaridine provides a reliable defense against insects and mosquitoes of all kinds and yet it is very skin-friendly. This active substance is embedded into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix), and depot /sustained-release, which produces an effective, long-term effect remedy. The PRS peticare-release-system ensures that the Icaridine is released slowly and evenly into the air. This technology protects the body from mosquito attacks for a period of up to 8 hours.


Peticare® Multi Repellent Mosquito - Product Characteristics

• Protects people, horses, dogs and cats
• Effective and economical in use
• Protection for up to 8 hours
• Sustained-release / depot preparation
• Repulsive (repellent)
• Highly effective "ICARIDIN" preparation
• Active substance tested by the WHO
• Protection against mosquitoes and ticks
• No waiting, immediate effect
• Dermatological safe
• Safe use for humans, animals and the environment
• Peticare® Release System (PRS).


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