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Juckreiz beim bekämpfen  Itchy Dogs - Stop the Itching

The itching in dogs is probably one of the biggest annoyances that a dog gets to experience. Many dog will suffer from severe itching at least once a year. It does not come as a surprise that itching in dogs is the most common reason for dog owners to go to the veterinarian. The itching in dogs can, of course, have different causes and it is important to identify the exact cause of the itching in the dog. Regardless of the cause, the itching in dogs can be stopped immediately with the special peticare® remedy for the treatment of fungus attack, mite infestation or eczema.

Stop the itching in dogs immediately: buy peticare® itching remedy

Juckreiz beim bekämpfen  Itchy Dogs - Causes

The itching in dogs can be triggered by a variety of factors. Usually the itching in the dog is caused by parasites. These parasites frequently come in the form of mites, fungal infections, eczema, and fleas or, in rare cases, allergic reactions to food (food allergy). The itching in dogs is usually very easy to spot as the dog constantly scratches, scrubs and licks itself. The noise from the itchy dog causes a lot of troubles to the dog owners. Regardless of the cause, the itching in dogs can be immediately stopped with a special remedy. If the itching occurs during July to October, the cause is usually a mite infection, either caused by sucking mites or grave mites. The itching due to mite infestation usually occurs in skin folds. Particularly affected areas are the ears, the paws and the belly. The itching in dogs is likely to occur very often in young dogs and puppies. Unfortunately, a mite infection is very contagious as the mites can change to a new host very quickly. Cats and people can also be attacked.


Juckreiz beim bekämpfen  Itching in Dogs Caused by Mite Infection

The itching in dogs caused by mite infection is a lot more powerful than of a mosquito bite. While itching from a mosquito bite only lasts a few hours, the itching in dogs caused by mite infections lasts up to 14 days. Even if the mite has left the dog after only a few hours, the dog is still tormented by the itching for days. Because of the extreme strong itching, the dog scratches and licks itself, which causes bald spots, inflamed skin, or eczema. The itching in dogs can be immediately and sustainably relieved by the use of a special remedy from peticare®. The effect is maintained by the delayed release system (PRS) for up to 24 hours.


Juckreiz beim bekämpfen  Treatment of Itching in Dogs with peticare Fungus & Mites 

The special remedy from peticare® for the prevention of fungus and mites has been developed with a completely new molecular technology. Compared to conventional products, the active ingredients have been incorporated into a minute, porous and homogeneous matrix (active substance, which are bound into other substances). The adjuvants, which are also embedded into the matrix, ensure that the matrix releases over a period of up to 24. The active ingredients, which treat the itching in the dogs, are delivered steadily and evenly.

Due to the depot effect, the active substances are stored and not released at once. The retarder effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients, so that the itching in the dog is sustainably reduced over a period of up to 24 hours. The antibacterial and antimicrobial effect destroys the mites without chemical influence on the dog and effectively stops the itching in the dog. Conventional care products against grass mites, or autumn grass mites in dogs, can usually only provide a more superficial disinfection and itch-relieving effect for a few minutes.


Stop itching in dogs - Product properties

• Stops the itching in dogs immediately
• All types of mites are destroyed
• Long-term effects up to 24 hours
• Long-term disinfectant effect
• Retard / depot remedy
• No waiting time, immediate effect
• 100% free of cortisone
• No oily residues
• Micro-particle preparation
• Toxicologically harmless
• Completely biodegradable
• peticare release system (PRS).

Ratgeber - Juckreiz beim Hund  Itching in Dogs – Guide

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