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Sweet itch therapy: what helps quickly and reliably?   

Sweet itch develops in horses due to an allergic reaction to the bite of the black fly. These insects cannot be compared to mosquitoes, because they can cause serious health problems to the animal. Often, the result is the dreaded sweet itch, a skin disease that torments the animal by itching and even attacks the immune system. It is very important to act quickly.

The bite of the black fly 

Why do remedies against sweet itch often not help?

Most manufacturers use harsh chemical substances such as cortisone or antibiotics, which further attack the already irritated horse's skin. The real problem arises when the remedy to the horse's skin is applied. Due to the permanent itching, the animals look for stable walls, trees or pillars where they rub themselves. As a result, the ointment is often wiped off immediately after application and the product can no longer work. The sweet itch remains almost untreated. 

What does an effective sweet itch therapy for the horse look like?

A sweet itch remedy can help only if it has time to work. Therefore, we have developed a remedy for the treatment of sweet itch as a sustained-release product, which releases the active ingredients in a delayed way. These active ingredients are integrated into its homogeneous structure, the so-called matrix. The eczema care for the horse stops the itching immediately. As a result, the horse has no incentive to scrape on walls or trees. If it comes to it however, only the top layer of the sweet itch care is removed and the underlying layer unfolds its effect. With a single application of the sweet itch remedy, the effect lasts up to 24 hours. 

Itching on the horse

High effectiveness of the sweet itch therapy thanks to a special care formula 

Peticare has deliberately avoided the use of aggressive chemicals in the development of horse care in case of sweet itch. It is a biological eczema care product that consists, among other ingredients, of cold-pressed coconut oil, organic almond oil and Egyptian organic camomile flowers. If the product is accidentally licked off, it is completely harmless, but still highly effective. You can even use it for pregnant mares and foals.

The peticare eczema care for the horse protects it against bacterial infestation 

A great danger arises from spreading bacteria in the open wound, which can pass into the bloodstream of the animal. Especially in older, sick and weak animals, this can even lead to death. Therefore, the eczema care by peticare protects against microbial and bacterial infestation. The itching is stopped immediately, the eczema is sealed and can heal quickly without bacteria invading or itching and scratching further aggravating the area. This creates an effective sweet itch therapy.

Open wound on a case of sweet itch

The therapy for sweet itch with peticare: Frequently Asked Questions

 How long will the peticare eczema care be effective on the horse?

After application of the care product an effectiveness of up to 24 hours arises. However, if the animal is exposed to rain for a long period of time, it is best to repeat the application of the ointment.  

How do I apply the sweet itch therapy on the horse?

The care product is applied in the beginning sparingly twice a day on the affected skin area(s). Just a few drops are enough. You can either use your finger or a brush. You will notice an improvement soon. Once the healing process has begun, you can reduce the application of the eczema treatment to once a day.

How does the eczema treatment of peticare work on the horse? 

With the peticare release system. All biological agents are stored in a so-called matrix and released in a delayed way. As a result, the remedy has more time to work and the sweet itch therapy brings rapid success.

Preventing sweet itch with the approach stop by peticare

In order to avoid that the dangerous sweet itch does even arise, use the approach stop against blackflies at the beginning of the season. The spray guarantees thanks to the pheromones a safe defense against all types of blackfly and biting midges. The messengers make the horse uninteresting for the insects. The approach to the animal is effectively stopped. Place 5 to 7 spray spots on the skin of the animal. Here too, the Peticare Release System produces a delayed release that guarantees efficacy of up to 24 hours. Thanks to the Approach stop, you can do turn eczema blankets down during the next summer. Prevention is the best sweet itch therapy.

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