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Pfotenpflege bei Juckreiz  Paw Care Itchy Dog Paws – Paw Care For Dogs

Dog paws perform amazing all year round. No matter if it is summer or winter, cold or hot the dog paws are under extreme stress the whole year around. Change of season affects the ground and soil, which does not make it any easier to protect the dog’s paws from inflammation, itching and infections of various kinds.

The dog often suffers from extreme itching paws, at least once a year. It is not surprising that itching paws is one of the most common reasons for dog owners to visit the vet. The innovative biological remedy from peticare® has been specifically developed for the care of dog paws. The natural active ingredients immediately stop the itching and support the healing of inflamed and wounded paws, as well as allergy. The paw care for itchy dog paws is fully biological and without harmful chemical agents or additives. When applied to the dog's paw it is completely safe.


Highly Effective Paw Care for Itchy Dog Paws

• Paw care for itchy dog paws
Protects and soothe inflammation

Long-term surface disinfection
for up to 7 days - protection from bacteria and virus.
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Pfotenpflege bei Juckreiz - Ursache  Paw Care For Itchy Dog Paws – Causes and Research

The itching can be triggered by a variety of factors. Most often the itchy dog paws is caused by parasites; mites, fungal infections, eczema, fleas or allergic reactions. In the summer, hot asphalt, thorns, pollen and sharp blades often lead to small injuries of the upper skin and pads. Bacteria and viruses, which multiply unlimited in puddles and water during the warm days, penetrate the open wounds and cause inflammation. In autumn and winter it is the contact with dirt, moisture, snow and salt, which leads to injuries, splinters and inflammation. Grass mites and autumn grass mites can also cause skin irritation and inflammation of the dog paws. 

The itching is usually very obvious to the eye, as the dog scratches, scrubs and licks its paws obsessively. With the special paw care from peticare® the itching is stopped immediately. It promotes healing of the inflammation and open wounds.

The paw care can also be used prophylactically to prevent injuries of the dog’s paws.

Pfotenpflege bei Juckreiz - Ursache  Paw Care Dogs – Itchy Dog Paws, Protection and Care

The peticare® paw care for dogs is a highly effective technological premium care product with a chemicals free guarantee, which helps heal inflamed paws and eliminates extremely strong itching. The peticare® petDog care 2103 (paw care for dogs) is suitable for all types of dogs, as well as puppies. The paw care has a strong antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, and can be used preventative. The active ingredients are specially designed for dog paws and promotes smooth and healthy paws. The antibacterial and antimicrobial paw care by peticare® is the perfect natural care for the dog’s paws, especially in case of inflamed, chapped and brittle pads. 

This remedy protects not only in the winter months, but is also suitable throughout the year to protect against splinters and injuries and to prevent against inflammation.


Stop itching - product characteristics

• Care for inflammation of the dog's paw
• Healing is assisted and accelerated
• Care for cracked or brittle pads
• Eliminates harmful germs and germs
• Protection from salt during the winter
• Itching is immediately stopped
• Also suitable for puppies and young dogs
• Prevents hardening and drying
• Sustained-release / depot preparation
• 24 hours long-term effect
• Antibacterial and antimicrobial
• Harmless for humans and animals
• peticare release system (PRS).

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