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Milben beim Hund  Mites in the dog

Mite infection in the dog and the strong itching, which is caused by the mite infection requires a mite treatment and thus mite treatment becomes an important part of dog care. The most common cause of a severe itching is the mite infestation, namely in the form of grass mites, grave mites, biting lice, closet mites, as well as demodex mitesThese mites are recognizable in the late stage, because they cause round, bald spots to occur on the dog’s fur. The size of the bald spots caused by the mites is usually about 1 to 5 cm, but can also affect much larger parts of the dog’s skin.

Milben beim Hund  How to identify mites in your dog

Mite infection in dogs is very contagious, since the eggs of the mites can easily be transferred to other dogs. A thorough examination of the dog’s coat when brushing and combing often reveals the mites in the dog, or the eggs of the mites. But unfortunately, even for a veterinarian, the mite infection is not always that easy to spot. In case of severe itching, and if it is likely that your dog is attacked by mites, use the special, itch relieving mite protection care from peticare®. This special, biological mite protection care product is guaranteed without chemicals. It effectively destroys the mites and immediately stops the itching in the dog.

Milben beim Hund  Treat mites in your dog

The most frequently occurring parasite attack by mites in your dog is caused by the grass mite and the fall grass mite. The mite infestation in the dog caused by the grass mite, or the fall grass mite, can occur on many different parts of the dog. In the beginning, the mite infestation usually starts from the bottom upwards, over the paws, the legs, the belly, the head, and from the anus to the back. The dandruff mite is often found in the area of the dog’s head and feeds on dead skin particles and skin supplements. Usually the mites do not fall of the dog and you can only observe a strong itching. The mites can also trigger hair loss and skin irritation in the dog. The mites absorb liquid components such as blood and lymph from the wounded dog skin. Because of the bacteria attack that these attacks cause, skin ulcers (eczema) are often difficult to heal.


Milben beim Hund  Use the mites protection care products correct:

The biological, special care treatment against mites in dogs was developed by peticare® with a completely new technology. Compared to other conventional products against mites in dogs, the active ingredients have been incorporated into a minute, porous and homogeneous matrix together with other adjuvants (active substances which are bound into other substances). The adjuvants, which are also embedded in the matrix, ensure that the matrix decomposes over a period of up to 24 hours. This ensures that the active substances are released slowly and evenly. The mites in the dog are thereby effectively destroyed and the itching stops immediately.


Highly effective remedies against mites in the dog

mite protection for dogs
Stop itching and kills fungus and mites. 

Skin disinfection
up to 7 days protection from bacteria and viruses. 

Complete selection available at a discounted price
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Due to the long-term depot effect, the active substances are stored to actively protect against the mite attacks. The long-term depot effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients and a long-term effect is achieved. The antibacterial and antimicrobial effect from the active ingredients is released over a period of up to 24 hours, to support healing and prevent bacteria and viruses. 

In comparison, more conventional products against mites in dogs can only achieve the disinfection effect more superficially and only for a few minutes. But in order for the wound to heal, the attack from fungus, spores, mites, microbes, bacteria, and viruses must be stopped permanently and effectively.

Mites -  stop mites in the dog - product characteristics

• stops the itching immediately
• fungal infection, mite infection, demodex mides
• guaranteed free from cortisone
• guaranteed free from antibiotics
• depot preparation
• sustained release preparation
• antimicrobial and antibacterial effect
• completely biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• also suitable for puppies and young dogs
• safe for humans and animals
• durability min 12 months (+5 to +25 degrees)
• Peticare Release System (PRS).


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