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Juckreiz bei Hunden  Stop itching for dogs – fungus attack, dust mites and eczema

Itching caused by ailments such as fungus attack, dust mites, or eczema is extremely uncomfortable and causes a lot of pain for the dog. Unfortunately, most dogs experience severe itching from these attacks at least once a year. As a matter a fact, itching is one of the most common reasons that dog owners have to take their dog to the veterinarian. The itching could have many different causes and it is, of course, very important to find out the root cause so that itching can be prevented in the future. Fortunately, regardless of the cause, the itching can be stopped immediately by the use of the highly specialized peticare® range of products. It will stop the itching caused by fungus attack, dust mites and eczema.

Juckreiz bei Hunden  Itching in Dogs - Causes

The itching in dogs can be triggered by a variety of factors. However, in most cases the itching is caused by parasites. These parasites are frequently found in the form of mites, fungal infections, eczema, or fleas. In more rare cases, it could also be due to allergic reactions to food (food allergy). It is hard not to notice the itching. It will be obvious for you to see that your dog constantly scratches, scrubs and licks its skin. Even the noise that this causes, could cause the dog owner many sleepless nights. Fortunately, regardless of the cause, the itching can be stopped immediately by the use of the highly specialized peticare® range of products. If the itching occurs during July to October, the cause is most likely due to a mite infection, in the form of either sucking mites or grave mites. The itching in dogs due to mite infestation usually occurs where the skin folds. Examples of this could be around the ears, the paws and the belly. It is especially young dogs and puppies that are affected by mite attacks and thus suffering from the itching. Unfortunately, a mite infection is very contagious; cats and people can also be affected.

Juckreiz bei Hunden  Itching in dogs - Mite Infection

Itching in dogs, due to mite infection, is a lot more intense than itching caused by a mosquito bite. While itching caused by a mosquito bite could last only a few hours, the itching caused by mites, could last up to 14 days. Even when the mite has left the dog, after only a few hours visit, the dog is still tormented by the affect of this and will keep itching for days. Because of the extremely strong itching, the dog constantly scratches and licks itself. This often results in bald spots, as well as inflammation, or eczema. Fortunately, the itching in dogs can be immediately and effectively relieved by the use of the special, biological ingredients used by peticare®. The effect lasts up to 24 hours, due to the peticare® release system (PRS). The remedies for itching in dogs are guaranteed free of cortisone and antibiotics.

Juckreiz bei Hunden  Treatment of Itching for dogs

The peticare® products have been developed with the use of a highly innovative technology system, the peticare® release system (PRS) and uses active biological ingredients to help prevent itching in dogs. In comparison with comparable products, the active ingredients in the peticare® product range have been incorporated into a minute, porous and homogeneous matrix (active substances which are bound into other substances). The adjuvants, which are also embedded in the matrix, ensure that the matrix slowly releases the active ingredients over a period of up to 24 hours. This means that the active ingredients, which prevent the itching in dogs, are released steadily and evenly.


peticare® Highly effective animal care products to prevent itching in dogs  

Effective treatment of fungus and mite attack
stops the itching and destroys the fungus and mites.

Long-time surface disinfection
up to 7 days, prevents bacteria and viruses. 


Due to the depot effect (PRS), the active ingredients are stored and released on a slow and steady basis. The depot effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients, thereby significantly reducing the itching over a period of up to 24 hours. The antibacterial and antimicrobial effect kills mites, without side effects on the dog (without chemicals) and effectively stops the itching in dogs. In comparison other comparable products against mites in dogs often only have a more superficial and temporary effect, lasting no more than a few minutes. 


Stop itching for dogs - Product properties

• Stops the itching in dogs immediately
• Fully biologically, without chemicals
• All types of mites are killed
• Long-term effect up to 24 hours
• Permanently disinfectant effect
• Long-term depot effect
• Immediate results
• 100% free of cortisone
• No oily residues
• Technological treatment
• Toxicologically harmless
• Completely biodegradable
• Peticare release system (PRS)


Juckreiz bei Hunden  Itching in dogs - questions

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