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Grasmilben beim Hund  Grass Mites in dogs

When a dog has to fight with a mite infection, it is quite often the grass mite who is at cause. The attack from the grass mite almost always provokes an extreme strong itching, which causes the dog to lick and scratch its skin. This causes loss of fur, bald spots, open wounds and infection.Mites cause the itching. For example the grass mite, also known as “autumn mites”, or “autumn grass mites”.

The problem with grass mites in dogs is widely spread all over the world and does not pertain only to certain regions. In our part of the world, the grass mites usually occur during the summer and autumn, from May to October. The grass mites love low vegetation and are mostly to be found in gardens and meadows.

Grasmilben beim Hund  Grass Mites in dogs - Facts about the Grass Mites

How do we recognize the grass mites in dogs? 
The grass mite, or autumn grass mite who attacks our dogs has a larvae of 0.3 millimetres and its colour is orange. Large grass mites are approximately 2 millimetres in size and very difficult to detect. Even for an experienced veterinarian, it is extremely difficult to locate the grass mite on the dog. Unfortunately, the veterinarian usually carries out expensive tests to detect the grass mites, as well as possible allergies. 

Grass Mites in dogs - How do the Grass Mites get to the dog? 
The grass mite plants its eggs on blades of grass and on moss. As soon as the eggs of the grass mite are hatched, they climb on to blades of grass and other plants and wait from a height of 5 cm to 20 cm, to spot a potential host. As soon as a dog (or cat, or human being) enters this territory, the mite very quickly jumps to its body. As soon as the dog is infected with the grass mite, the mite drills into the skin of the dog with the help of its “mouth tools”. This activates salivary secretion, which is causing the dog to itch. The grass mites in the dog feed on these dissolved cell juices. 

Gras Mites in dogs - how does itching start in the dog?
The grass mite leaves a salivary secretion on the dog, which after several hours (up to 24 hours) triggers an extremely strong itching. At this point, the grass mites is usually no longer on the dog but have already dropped off, after doing its sucking. 
A bite point is usually not easy to spot, as the grass mite only penetrate the fraction of a millimetre into the dog’s top skin layers. In contrast to a mosquito bite, the itching by a grass mite takes between 10 and 14 days, and can also trigger an allergic reaction in the dog. Since the dog is constantly trying to scratch, bacterial inflammation is very likely to occur.

Grasmilben beim Hund  Grass mites in dogs – How to fight mites in the dog

The biological, special remedy against grass mites from peticare® with the peticare release system (PRS) is without any chemicals. It effectively destroys the mites in the dog and also immediately stops the itchingEffectively fights all types of mites and immediate relieve severe itching, without the use of cortisone and antibiotics.


Highly effective remedies for mite infestation in dogs: 

Mites remedy for dogs
Stops itching and destroys fungus and mites

Surface disinfection in mites
up to 7 days prevention from bacteria and viruses

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The special remedy from peticare® against mite infestation in dogs, caused by grass mites, has been developed with a completely new technology. In comparison with conventional products, the active ingredients have been incorporated (active substances bound into other substances) into a minute, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). The adjuvants, which are also embedded in the matrix, ensure that the matrix releases the active substances, steadily and evenly, over a period of up to 24 hours.

Due to the depot effect, the active substances are stored and not released all at once. The retarder effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients, thus activating a long-term effect, as well as long-term disinfection. The antibacterial and antimicrobial effect supports the healing and prevents the penetration of bacteria and viruses. Special active ingredients ensure immediate and long lasting relieve, even with the most severe itching. 

Mites remedy against grass mites in dogs - Product characteristics

• stops the itching immediately
• fungal infection, mite infection, closet mites
• guaranteed free from cortisone
• guaranteed free from antibiotics
• depot preparation
• sustained release preparation
• antimicrobial and antibacterial effect
• completely biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• also suitable for puppies and young dogs
• safe use for humans and animals
• durability minimum 12 months (+5 to +25 degrees)
• Peticare Release System (PRS).

Grasmilben beim Hund  Dog care - mite infection dogs

The treatment of mites attacks, caused by grass mites in dogs, plays a very important role in daily dog ​​care. Almost every dog ​​owner already has had a lot of experience with the infestation of grass mites on his dog. The biological active ingredients in combination with the peticare release system (PRS ) effectively treats the effects of mite infestations in the dog, it stops even the strongest itching and actively supports the healing of the dog skin. 

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