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Black fly swelling: is a bite on the dog dangerous?

If you feel a slight swelling while stroking your dog, it can have different causes. Pin-sized bumps may indicate the bite of a blackfly. The suspicion hardens when the animal scratches at this point or when open wounds have already arisen through the many scratching. In this post you can read how dangerous the black fly actually is, and what you can do about it.

The black fly attacks its host this way

Black fly in the dog

In Germany there are  about 1770 species of blackflies that belong to the order of the mosquitoes. Black flies are only up to 6mm big, seem very compact and have a blue-gray to black body. Only the female black flies attack the dog with her saber-tooth-like mouthparts, because they need the blood for their offspring. Unlike the mosquitoes, the blackflies do not sting, but they bite a small wound into the dog's skin and wait for a small bloody pool to form at this point. With a secretion they stop the blood clotting and numb the injection site. Dogs are often allergic to this secretion. This causes a strong swelling with an unpleasant itching.

By this you recognize the bite of a black fly:

- Small, red dot on the skin
- Possibly small blood pool around the biting site
- The animal is scratching at the point in question
- There is a swelling
- Small skin nodules, edema or purulent blisters form

Black fly in the dog

Scratching aggravates the swelling caused by blackflies

While the bite of a mosquito usually goes unnoticed at first, dogs immediately feel the bite of the blackfly. The itching also sets in very quickly and the dog begins to scratch. Unfortunately, the dog owner can not suppress this scratching, although the dog causes damages to itself doing so. As pathogens can quickly get into the wound and trigger an infection. This can have severe health consequences, especially in elder or weak animals. Sometimes the histamine contained in the saliva of the blackfly may trigger an allergic shock, especially if several blackflies attack at once. In the worst case, the animal dies from the consequences.

What to do in case of a swelling after the black fly bite?

If your dog has been bitten by a black fly, then you should cool, clean and disinfect the affected areas. Afterwards, it is important to stop the itching so that the wound does not worsen. The problem with traditional products is their short life. They are worn down again shortly after application by scuffing, rubbing or licking and do not have the time to work. In addition, they often contain highly irritating chemical substances that are also unhealthy for the organism.

Peticare solves the problem "itching in the dog" immediately

Itching in the dog by bite of the black fly

We have developed an organic-based product that immediately stops dog itching. It is applied selectively to the itchy areas and develops there a long-term effect of up to 24 hours. This is achieved by an innovative Peticare release system, in which the active ingredients are stored in a porous structure and released only gradually. Even if an active substance layer is removed, the underlying layer is used. The itching is stopped immediately and sustainably. The recipe consists exclusively of biological, highly effective substances such as cold-pressed coconut oil, chamomile extract and distilled ylang-ylang oil. 

For the subsequent wound healing, we recommend our skin repair ointment for the dog, which is also purely organic and is also equipped with the Peticare release system. It is antibacterial, binds pollutants and donates skin-building minerals. 

Black fly swelling: This is how dog owners protect their animals from the bite

The swelling, caused by the bite of a single black fly,  can have serious consequences for the animal as already described. Therefore, dog owners should strive to prevent a bite of the blackfly from the outset.

For this, peticare has developed the approach stop for blackflies. The spray contains pheromones that are recorded by the blackflies as an alarm signal. They stop the approach to the host, and do not even bite it. In this product as well, the active ingredients are stored in a matrix and are released gradually over a period of up to 24 hours. This way your pet is protected from the aggressive attackers the entire day after a single use. 


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