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Mosquito spray for Horses

Mosquito spray for Horses

Mosquitoes and ticks

Care products effective against annoying insect bites and their consequences

The horses that are in the paddock but also the horses that live in the stable are harassed for life by mosquitoes and suffer regularly from a tick infestation. Most products on the market are effective or only against ticks or only against mosquitoes. Peticare has developed an effective total treatment that relieves itching and immediately prevents the resulting consequences, such as sweet itch.

Why can insect bites be so dangerous for horses?

Ticks in particular are carriers of many diseases that the horse can get seriously ill. These include, for example, Lyme disease (borelliosis). Ticks are lurking everywhere outdoors - mainly in the grass - and can even attack a galloping horse and bite the animal's skin. Often the puncture even goes unnoticed. The first signs of a serious illness after a tick bite in the horse are the inflamed joints and a lameness of the animal. The brain and spinal cord can also be affected. Even a mosquito bite can have serious consequences. After a puncture come the allergic reactions of the skin, which manifest among other things with itching. The horse takes every opportunity to rub on objects, which causes the skin to tear and leads to the formation of open and bleeding wounds. This climate is ideal for bacteria and germs that can trigger secondary infections.

This way you can effectively prevent mosquito and tick bites

In order not to have to fight the often protracted consequences of an insect bite, you should effectively counter the bite. The problem with most repellents is the type of application. Spray the animal once and after a short time, the active ingredient film is already removed from the skin. It is sufficient that the horse rolls once in the pasture or that a short rain wash away the repellent products and the horse remains defenseless again against mosquitoes and insects.

Peticare starts right here to act with its line of repellent treatment against mosquitoes and ticks. The effective active ingredient ICARIDIN is both repellent and gentle on the skin and it reliably repels insects, mosquitoes and ticksacting up to 8 hours. This active ingredient addresses the sense of smell of animals, frightening them. So it is not necessary to follow the animal with the spray bottle, but you can be sure that it will be protected for several hours from the attack of mosquitoes and tick bites. 

The Peticare release system explained briefly

As already mentioned, the weak point of most other products on the market is the way they are applied. The active ingredients are given in concentrated form once on the skin and can be eliminated just as quickly. Peticare, on the other hand, stores all the active ingredients and excipients in a single matrix. Thanks to the porous structure of this matrix, the active ingredients are released gradually and evaporate over an 8-hour period on the skin. When a layer of active ingredient has been removed, the underlying becomes effective.

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