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Black flies Stop - Roll-On - Refill bottle

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petAnimal Protect 2012

Black flies Attack STOP (Refill)

Stop approach Roll-On Refill bottle

For horses, beef, donkey, dogs and all other animals.
Refill botle for the roll-on concentrate with double pheromone content (compared to spray)

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(Minimum validity 12 months from supply)
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It stops all black flies and midges. Secure protection through the use of special biochemical mediators (alarm pheromones).

NEW - Refill botle for the roll-on (protect 2011) 

• Practical, handy concentrate as roll-on
• Noise-free application with the roll-on stick

 Against all types of black flies (1550 species)
 Against all types of biting midges (5000 species)
 Long-term protection for up to 24 hours
 Avoids sweet itch
• Spot on (approx. 7 stripes from the roll-on))
Retard/depot formulation
 Effective protection against black flies
Effective protection against midges
Immediate effect / no waiting time
Natural pheromones
• Without chemicals, 100% biological
Dermatologically Safe
Extremely economical and efficient
 Non-toxic and toxicologically absolutely harmless
The application is ADMR compliant (German rules for medicines and anti-doping control)
Shelf life of at least 12 months
Peticare Release System (PRS)


Brand: Peticare ©
Article no.: 9221
Discount applies: 31.01.2020
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Base Price: 100 ml / 53,09 €
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Peticare® petAnimal Protect 2012
Roll-On Refill bottle
Approach stop against black flies and biting midges

Special product for horses, cows, dogs, cats and all other farm animals
For pregnant animals, puppies, foals and young animals

Consumption data of the roll on refill bottle in the recommended application (1 stripe is about 5 to 10 cm)

Size Animal Duration of the refill bottle Price per month and per animal (approx.)
150 ml 1 horse up to 9 months (7 stripes) about € 9,00 per month
150 ml 2 dogs uo to 12 months (3 stripes) about € 3,50 per month
Size Animal Duration Costs/month
150 ml 1 horse about 9 months (7 stripes) about 9,00 €
150 ml 2 dogs about 12 months (3 stripes) about 3,50 €

petAnimal Protect 2011 Roll-On and the Roll-On Refill (Concentrate in Refill bottle) contains twice as much pheromones compared to the spray. It is a highly effective, fully biological, technological premium product to ward off the approach of blackflies and biting midges.

The Roll-On stick and the Roll-on Refill (Refill bottle) were designed for the most shy and sensitive animals who can not stand the sound of a spray or a spray bottle. With the 150 ml refill bottle, the roll-on stick can be completely filled for three times. This corresponds to an application period of up to 9 months.

Natural ingredients:
concentrate of natural pheromones
(alarm pheromone as biochemical mediator)

- Beta-Cyclodextrin Hydrat 89 % 
- CAS 106-23-0 (+/-)-Citronellal <0,1%

natural ingredients with no danger to humans, animals and environment.

Shelf-life of 12 months (from +5 to +25 degrees)

Peticare® petAnimal Protect 2012 
(Roll-On Refill)

•  triple filling for the roll-on stick (protect 2011)
• against all types of black flies (1550 species)
• against all types of biting midges (5000 species)
• long term protection for up to 24 hours
• it prevents the sweet itch 
• spot on (about 7 strips with the roll on)
• retard/depot formulation
• effective protection against blackflies
• effective protection against biting midges
• immediate effect / no waiting time
• natural pheromones
• without chemicals, 100% biologically
• dermatologically safe
• extremely economical and efficient
• non-toxic, toxicologically absolutely harmless
• the application is ADMR compliant (German medication and anti-doping control rules)
• shelf life for at least 12 months
• Peticare Release System (PRS)

According to the anti-doping rules and medicines control rules of the German Equestrian Federation, the use of this product is allowed in competitions

Environment: no water pollution (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)
Hazard: none

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

To refill the roll-on

Shake well before each refill..!
Carefully remove the head of the Roll-On (petAnimal protect 2011) and pour in the pheromone concentrate.

Shake well before each use!

The effect of the approach stop is based on an effective strip and works in a radius of about 80cm (about 2 m2)

An active strip is created by shaking the bottle vigorously and applying two superimposed strips with a length of approx. 10 to 15 cm in the same place with the roller. This creates a moist / wet active strip with a length of about 10 to 15 cm.

The number of active strips depends on the size of the animal.
The active strips should be evenly distributed over the body in number.

We recommend:
Dog: 2 to 3 active strips
Horse: 5 to 7 active strips

Concentration in problem areas

The number of active strips can be increased as required on problem areas

Preferably reel the stripes on the head, neck, mane (hairline), shoulder, rump, tail (coccygeal vertebrae), thigh, belly and the horse's penis (dog and other animals according to common sense). In case of extremely strong attack further additional stripes can be reeled at will.

In case of concomitant use with ECZEMA CARE or MULTI-REPELLENT-MOSQUITO apply the Attack Stop always separately at another position, so that the effects of the two products do not overlap.

Outdoor farming: as a precaution, renew the protection after heavy rain .

Technichal data:
• pheromone concentrate
• drying / curing: none
• shelf life at least 12 months
• do not expose to direct sunlight
• storage temperature: from + 5 ° C up to + 25 ° C
• water contamination: none
    (Water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)


Der Kriebelmückenschutz ist richtig stark und hat die Mähne meines Barockpintos seit 2 Jahren voll gerettet. Wir sind beide begeistert


Alles bestens gerne wieder. Danke für dieses tolle Mittel.

   Heidi PEXA   07.05.2018

bin sehr zufrieden - raschund zuverlässig

   Vanessa Sees   03.05.2018

Danke Peticare. Mein Pferd kann im Sommer endlich Pferd sein und 24/7 die Weide genießen. Es wird nicht mehr geschubbert und Stiche hat er nur noch so selten, dass die Pflegelotion von Peticare schon ewig reicht und immernoch fast voll ist. Nichts hat geholfen und dieses Produkt war unsere Rettung. Schade, dass viele Pferdebesitzer immer noch so skeptisch sind und sich vom Preis abschrecken lassen. Die Gesundheit meines Pferdes ist mir jeden Cent wert. Das Produkt ist außerdem unglaublich sparsam anzuwenden. Peticare ist nun unser treuer Begleiter im Sommer. Pferdchen und ich sind froh :)

   Doris Prause   21.07.2017

Das erste mal seit Jahren, dass meine Stute um diese Jahreszeit nicht so zerstochen ist und dass sie sich den Schweif noch nicht weggescheuert hat. DANKE

   Daniela Försch   03.09.2016

funktioniert sehr gut

   Jessica Tammes   26.08.2016

Kriebelmückenstopp wirkt super daher gleich die Nachfüllpackung. Das andere probieren wir auch aus!

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