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Juckreiz beim beim Pferd  Professional Concept for High Volume Customers

Peticare® products are constantly at work: 

· At the veterinarian
· At the stud farms
· At the riding school
· At the horse races
· At the horse farms.


In the worst case, an entire stud farm, or riding school, will be attacked by the annoying black mosquitoes. For a coordinated use, on all of the horses, the peticare® Profi-concept offers a variety of possible applications. With a special spray device of up to 5 litres, Black Fly Stop, or Black Fly and Mites Stop, a very large number of horses can be treated against black flies and mites in a very short time.

Professional Concept - Advantages

· Cost effective prices
· Protection from insects, mosquitoes and mites
· Prevention from eczema and summer eczema
· Protection from insect bites and mosquitoes
· Protection from ticks and flying midges 
· Low costs for the horse owner
· Time saving when used collective
· Supervision of the horses.

For the special use of the peticare® products, we supply the following large containers to our high volume customers.


Packing Sizes for High Volume Customers

Black Fly and Mite Stop

for daily use, when
using 5 x 2 spray doses, daily per horse:

     1 litre   (about   2 -      3 horses for 8 months)
     5 litres (app.    10 -    12 horses for 8 months)
   20 litres (about   40 -   48 horses for 8 months)
   30 litres (about   62 -   74 horses for 8 months)
 200 litres (about 416 - 500 horses for 8 months).

Multi-repellent mosquito and ticks

daily use, as well as
full-body application, per horse:

     1 litre   (about   1 horse for 1 month)
     5 litres (about   1 horse for 5 months)
   20 litres (about   4 horses for 5 months)
   30 litres (about   6 horses for 5 months)
 200 litres (about 20 horses for 5 months).


With the use of the special spray devices (up to 5 litres), it is possible to reach several hundred horses.

Questions About the Profi-Concept

Profi-Concept for veterinarians
As a veterinarian you have the opportunity to purchase our products at very favourable rates. In addition, we also offer veterinarians for horses, the opportunity to order large containers for refilling.


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