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Wound after tick bite on the dog:
How do I properly take care of it?

A walk through the great outdoors is enough and the dog becomes the host for ticks. They lurk in the grass and even attach themselves to the coat of the animal as it passes by. Tick bites are not only unpleasant, but can be a real danger. They transmit diseases such as dog malaria or Lyme disease in our country. In order to minimize the effects of a tick bite in the dog, the treatment of the wound is crucial.

Why is a tick bite so dangerous for the dogs?

Dogs like to stay where also ticks can be found: in undergrowth, in tall grass and in forests. Even when the animal is in motion, the tick can quickly attach to the fur and reach the dog's skin from there. There it cuts a wound in the skin with its mouthpiece and feeds on the liquids that accumulate from it. The scale tick in turn has a long proboscis, on which there is a barbed hook. The tick hooks with it on its host and secretes a secretion. This secretion contains a kind of anesthetic, so that the dog does not feel the tick infestation immediately. In addition, an anti-inflammatory drug blocks the host immune system, which prevents wound closure. Through the tick, which acts as an intermediate host, bacteria, viruses and parasites enter then in the dog body. The symptoms may vary depending on the disease:

1. fever
2. vomiting
3. fatigue
4. swollen lymph nodes
5. muscle twitching
6. breathlessness
7. lameness
8. heart problems

Behind all these symptoms there could be dangerous, sometimes life-threatening illnesses. It is therefore all the more important to focus on prophylaxis and to avoid tick bites from the outset. Peticare has come up with an innovative solution that we will introduce below.

Tick bite on the dog: what to do?

It is important to thoroughly inspect the animal for tick infestation after each walk. The sooner you spot the tick even before it bites, the greater is the chance of preventing possible infection. Brush the fur of the animal after each walk in the endangered area. Pay special attention to crawling tiny animals that stick in the dog's coat. Also examine the ears and toe gaps. If the tick has already bitten, then remove it completely with a tick tweezers. Then you should disinfect the bite sufficiently. The dog environment should also be regularly disinfected in the ticks season. If you have overlooked parasites when grooming, then the Peticare environmental disinfection has a lasting killing effect on the germs transmitted by the ticks. It is a full-scale, long-term disinfectant that lasts up to 7 days and provides antibacterial hygiene in dog baskets, cages and dog blankets. The disinfection is completely free of harmful chemical substances and leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance. 

Check ticks

Anyone who is very worried as a dog owner, because his dog was bitten by a tick, for example, on vacation in a particularly vulnerable area, he can let the veterinarian examine the tick. If it carries dangerous bacteria or viruses, then the dog can be treated early, before the disease breaks out.

Effective prophylaxis: Avoid tick bites in dogs

In order to protect your dog from the bad consequences of a tick bite, prophylaxis is crucial. Peticare has developed an effective tick protection that prevents the tick from biting.

This makes the tick protection of peticare so effective

Peticare has developed a highly effective multi-repellent that prevents ticks from finding the dog interesting as a host. The basic active ingredient is ICARDIN, which is perceived via the sense of smell of the ticks. The tick is quenched by this drug and does not perceive the animal as a suitable host.

Why does peticare work better than other repellents against ticks

Many other products on the market do not have enough time to work. They are already ineffective shortly after application, as they are licked by the animal or removed during rolling in the grass. The peticare tick protection, however, remains on the skin of the animal for a period of up to 8 hours. The active ingredients are stored in a so-called matrix and released gradually. This preserves the protection over a long period of time.

Important: Apply Peticare® petAnimal Protect 2009 all over the body and renew it as a precaution after a rainstorm..


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