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Das Sommerekzem - Pflegemittel  Sweet itch eczema

The sweet itch eczema on horses drives many horses and their owners into sheer madness. Especially during the evening hours, the horses that are affected by eczema gets no peace, because the black flies drive them crazy. With the return of the sweet itch eczema, so many horse owners and horses get to experience this pain every year. Not only horses that are prone to eczema but also many healthy horses, suffer during the warm months because of the effect of the sweet itch eczema.

The cause of the sweet itch eczema in horses is to be found in the bite from the black flies. The worm flies (Simuliidae) are twins and belong to the mosquito family. Horses who carry an allergic disposition for the sweet itch eczema are often panicked by the hundreds of flying mites. Consequently, the horses are often taken away from the pastures.

Das Sommerekzem - Pflegemittel  How Does the Sweet itch Eczema Arise?

sweet itch eczema in horses most often cases an allergic reaction. The cause of the allergic reaction, which causes the sweet itch eczema to develop, in most cases is due to the biting mites and/or the black fly. Many mistakenly assume that the sting of the black fly is what causes the sweet itch eczema in the horse. However, the cause is not the mechanical stimulus from the stitch but to be found in the allergic reaction to the salivary secretion from the mosquitoes. With the bite from the black fly, salivary secretions enter into the wound to liquefy the blood, so that it can be better absorbed by the black fly. The victim then releases body-specific histamine, which is intended to prevent the attack and penetration of foreign substances. 

However, the histamine irritates the nerve endings of the animal. It causes the tissue to swell, and promotes an extreme itching. The victim now scratches itself against anything it can possibly find to fight the severe itching. We humans also very well know the feeling of just how difficult it is to resist the desire is to scratch, when one has been bitten by a mosquito. As the horse scratches the affected area, this prevents the healing of the wound. The wound breaks open and cannot heal. The summer eczema in horses does not decrease but continues to expand. The open wound and the eczema soon attracts more mites and thus the vicious circle begins. This is very well known to every horse owner. 

The black fly is mostly attracted to the base of the tail, the mane, the croup and the abdomen. Very often the sweet itch eczema on horses thrives in a damp and warm environment (e.g. ponds), when the black flies are present. Dunghills and forests areas are also the preferred bio-environment for the black flies. Sweet itch Eczema On Islanders - Icelandic horses are particularly receptive to sweet itch eczema because of a high reaction of the immune system after being imported. 3 out of 4 Icelanders are affected in the first year after they are imported. For the Icelandic horses breed in our country (out side Iceland), the sweet itch eczema occurs on average.

Das Sommerekzem - Pflegemittel  Prevent the Sweet itch Eczema!

It is important to pay attention to the attitude of your horses when it is affected by sweet itch eczema. If the eczema is not cared for properly, this can lead to an aggravation of the sweet itch eczema. It should be avoided that the affected horses are kept on pastures in wetlands, or on pastures and forest edges. Not all horses react allergically to the sting of the black fly and develop the sweet itch eczema. In principle, a well balanced diet (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements) should also be considered. Also an excess of protein, or a fatty substance can increase the allergy sensitivity and thereby the risk of sweet itch eczema on the horse. If the horse is already suffering from sweet itch eczema, it is necessary to prevent the animal from scratching itself. Remove all pointed objects such as branches e.g. tree barks or other sharp edges nearby the animal so that the horse cannot scratch itself against it. In emergency cases, it can also be necessary to use an eczema-blanket, however, this is irritating to the horse.


Das Sommerekzem - Pflegemittel  Remedies for the Treatment of Sweet itch Eczema

Highly effective remedies against sweet itch eczema 

• Eczema care for the treatment of sweet itch eczema
Stops the eczema in just a few days.

• Black Fly Stop
stops the attack from the black flies
(order today before 1pm, delivery tomorrow).


Black Fly Attack Stop
To stop the attack from the black fly and prevent sweet itch eczema on the horses, it is very important to use effective protection against the black fly. The attack from the black fly on horses, and thus the stitch from the black fly can be stopped with the use of pheromones specially developed to prevent the attack from the black flies and mites. These pheromones act as chemical messenger, which determines the communication between the midgets. The horses are sprayed in 5 to 7 places with the Black Fly Stop from peticare®. The pheromones are incorporated into a tiny matrix, which is released steadily and evenly over a long period of time to protect the horse from the black mosquitoes and thus from the summer eczema. The effect lasts up to 24 hours, which makes one application per day sufficient. After a strong rain shower, the protection must be completely renewed.

Eczema Care for the treatment of Sweet itch
Eczema care is very important during the summer months. In the case of acute sweet itch eczema it is crucial to achieve a long-lasting, disinfecting effect. Unfortunately, with most conventional remedies, the disinfection only lasts for a very short time. When the horse who is affected by sweet itch eczema keeps scratching, the disinfection continues and bacteria and microbes have free access to penetrate into the open wound and eczema. 

The eczema remedy for the treatment of sweet itch eczema on horses from peticare® is a new, high-tech disinfection remedy with active ingredients, which are embedded into a tiny matrix. This technology provides a depot remedy with sustained release (delayed release). The depot stores the active substances and the retard effect releases the active substances slowly and evenly over a period of up to 24 hours to the sweet itch eczema. Through the long-term disinfection, all bacteria are immediately destroyed and the formation of a new infestation is prevented with the use of the peticare release system (PRS). The healing of the open wound is promoted and the sweet itch eczema is healed within a few days. 


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