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Mückenplage - Stechmückenplage nach Hochwasser  Mosquito Plague – Mosquito Bites After Flood

Many families are seriously injured by the effects of floods. Even when the flood is over, the damage is still considerable. There is a huge mosquito pest in the flooded areas. Mosquitoes find the best breeding conditions after the flood. After the discharge of the high water, pools and wetlands form the ideal breeding grounds for various species of mosquitoes. The exploding population after floods is also called flood mosquitoes. The mosquito eggs have often been deposited for months. As soon as the moisture, or the flood reaches the eggs, the mosquitoes begin to hatch and the mosquito plague begins. 

Not only are flood areas affected by this mosquito plague, but also wetlands, streams and lakes. Mosquitoes which are already hatched, will quickly cause hatching of the next generation of mosquitoes and lay further eggs. In the “ideal conditions” that prevail after a flood, the mosquitoes hatch already 10 to 14 days after egg laying. Consequently, the mosquito pest is extremely potent in these wetlands, especially after a flood. 

Since the female insects, and mosquitoes need blood to form new eggs, they are on a constant search for new victims. Whole swarms fly out in the evening hours to find new victims and blood. It is not only horses, cattle, dogs and cats, which are plagued by the mosquitoes but human beings also suffer from the mosquitoes endless greed for blood. Since the population of the mosquitoes is up to 20 times higher in the areas, which are affected by flood, as compared to non-affected areas, humans and animals suffer extremely under the mosquito pest.


Mückenplage - Stechmückenplage nach Hochwasser  Avoid Mosquitoes After Flood - Mosquito Bites!

If you live in a former high water area, or in a wet area, you should be very cautious about the mosquito plague and avoid the sting from the black fly. Unfortunately, most mosquito remedies offers little or no help, as revealed by different studies and tests. 

One of the few active ingredients that actually stop the attack from the insects and mosquitoes is the active substance ICARIDIN, which is known since 1998. This active ingredient, formerly known as BAYREPEL (from the company Bayer), was tested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and was rated excellent as protection from insects of all kinds.

Translation from the WHO report: 

Carefully and extensively tested under moderate and tropical conditions.

Excellent insect repellent properties established in various tests.

It is recommended by WHO as an effective preventive remedy.

Very good persistent safety profile against mosquitoes, insects and ticks. Good cosmetic properties.

No significant influence on most used materials.

Our special remedy Black Fly Stop peticare® uses the active ingredient ICARIDIN 

The Black Fly Stop is a highly effective multifunctional premium product for the protection from mosquitoes, insects and ticks. This special product was specially designed to protect against mosquitoes and ticks. ICARIDIN acts as a highly effective repellent. This complex defense agent is perceived biochemically, or by the olfactory sense of the insects and mosquitoes. Insects, mosquitoes, black flies and ticks are stopped and the attack is prevented. 


Highly Effective Repellent Against Mosquitoes and Ticks:

Multi-Repellent, stops mosquitoes
horse flies and ticks
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In comparison with insecticide, the insects or mosquitoes are not killed by the use of the peticare® Black Fly Stop remedy. After application, this repellent creates an evaporation on the skin. This evaporation creates a protective coat, which is only a few millimeters thick and stops insects, mosquitoes and ticks. The olfactory perception (smell) of the mosquitoes and the ticks is disturbed and the potential victim is no longer interesting for insects and ticks.


Mückenplage - zuverlässiger Schutz vor Mücken  Mosquito Repellent - Reliable Protection From Mosquitoes

Long-term effects through innovative technological treatment together with the active ingredients
ICARIDIN and other active ingredients are embedded into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). This combination, together with other constituents, produces an additional diffusion-free, long-term disinfection on the surface, which provides protection against mosquitoes and ticks. 

This innovative remedy results in a highly effective depot and sustained-release preparation, with a long-term effect, which has never been known before. The active ingredients are bound, stored and distributed evenly through this matrix. This retardation (delayed release) in conjunction with the depot effect makes the peticare® Black Fly Stop significantly more effective than other remedies.


Peticare® Multi Repellent Mosquito - Product Characteristics

• Protects horses, dogs, cattle, cats, etc.
• Effective and economical in use
• Protection for up to 8 hours
• Sustained-release / depot preparation
• Repulsive (repellent)
• Highly effective "ICARIDIN" preparation
• Active substance tested by WHO
• Protection against mosquitoes and ticks
• Immediate effect
• Dermatological Harmless
• Harmless for humans, animals and the environment
• peticare® release system (PRS).


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