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Kriebelmücken - Kriebelmücken beim Pferd  Black Flies – Black Flies on Horses!

The black flies with the latin name Simuliidae is a real plague every year. A real mosquito plague for the horse as well as the horseback rider. In Germany it is estimated that there are about 50 species of the black fly. The black flies are usually reddish, yellow or black and only between 2 and 6 mm in size. The black flies are often mistaken for normal flies and thereby not considered as a real danger. For the development of their eggs, female caterpillars need certain substances, which are only present in the blood. Much like a pool sucker, the black fly stitches the horse and then expand the wound with its mouth tools, until a small pool is created in which the blood collects and can be absorbed. To prevent the open wound (pool) from drying out, the black fly adds to the blood a blood clotting inhibitor, which is contained in the saliva of the black fly. 

The horse, which is bitten by the black fly, then forms a biochemical defence agent (histamine) in the area of ​​the bite wound (pool), which is said to trigger a local defence reaction.The body-deficient histamine is dissolved and released from the horse’s skin cells by the saliva of the glands. The dissolved histamine is what causes an extremely strong itching in the horse, as well as an allergic reactionHistamine is supposed to act as a healthy active substance of the horse in warding off the body-borne substances of the insect mosquitoes, but unfortunately it causes extreme itching, which leads to consistent scratching. As a result, the affected area often gets inflamed (summer eczema in the horse) with the risk of dangerous inflammation. Since the black flies also attacks human beings, it is a seasonal plague, which should not be underestimated. 


Kriebelmücken - Kriebelmücken beim Pferd  Black Flies – The Sting From the Black Fly

More and more people and animals are suffering from mosquito plagues, especially the black fly. This insect is also known as a trigger of the sweet itch eczema in horses. The sting from the black fly can trigger an allergic reaction in the horse, as well as the horseback rider. This allergic reaction can lead to eczema (dermatitis). As soon as scratching and scraping has led to an open purulent wound, still more black flies will be attracted, and the sweet itch in the horses gets worse. 

In this case, it is necessary to prevent the attack from the black fly, so that the saliva from the mosquitoes does not enter the wound. A remedy has been developed specifically to prevent the attack from the black flies.

Black Flies Attack Stop:
Stop the sweet itch eczema:

Black Flies Attack Stop Spay

Black Flies Attack Stop Roll-on

Eczema care in the summer months 
Stops eczema in a few days
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Kriebelmücken - Kriebelmücken beim Pferd  Black Flies Attack Stop!

Thanks to the innovative Black Fly Attack Stop remedy from peticare® attacks from the black flies can be effectively prevented, even though the attack from the black fly it is the largest plague caused by mosquitoes. Special pheromones (biochemical information molecules) influences the black fly’s smell perceptions negatively and the attack is thereby avoided. The pheromones (messengers) are embedded into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix), which is evenly distributed over a long period of time. In comparison to other anti-mosquito sprays, the protective effect is constant for about 24 hours. The attack stop remedy is available as a spray, as well as a roll-on.

Kriebelmücken - Kriebelmücken beim Pferd  Black Flies Stop Attack

In order to avoid the sting from the black flies, even in the case of a large mosquito plagues, it is sufficient to apply the black flies stop attack every 24 hours. Depending on the size of the horse, the attack stop is sprayed onto the horse at approximately 5 to 7 areas. Spray 2 to 3 shots onto the spots, which are most likely to be exposed. Keep a short distance of approximately 5-10 cm. The application should be repeated every 24 hours. After a strong rain shower, the application should be applied again.

Black Flies Attack Stop – Product Information 

• All black flies species (world-wide 1550 species)
• All biting midges (worldwide 5000 species)
• Up to 24 hours long-term protection
• Prevents sweet itch eczema
• Spot on (app. 5 spray points)
• Sustained-release / depot preparation
• Reliable protection against mosquitoes
• Reliable protection against black flies
• Immediate effect / no waiting time
• Natural pheromones
• Without chemicals, 100% biologically
• Dermatologically harmless
• Extremely economical and effective
• Non-toxic and toxicologically absolutely harmless
• Effective professional application for stud farms
• The application is ADMR compliant
• Shelf life for at least 12 months
• peticare release system (PRS).


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