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Hot Spot (Hotspot) in the dog:
Peticare helps to treat the "hot spot"

The Hot Spot is a very persistent inflammation of the dog's skin. For the dog, it feels like there is a thermal patch on its skin that keeps getting hotter and hotter. The result is a small red spot on the skin, which is inflamed and starts to itch. But it does not stay that way. From the spot exits a foul-smelling secretion and the dog feels strong pain. Therefore, dog owners should not wait long when they see the first signs, in order to spare their dog unnecessary suffering.

Hot Spot in the dog

What is a hot spot in the dog and how does it arise?

Dog breeds with a long coat such as Golden Retriever, Newfoundland dog or the German Shepherd are frequently affected. Nevertheless, the disease can also affect shorthair breeds. The first symptoms are similar to those of a hair root inflammation, a flea infestation or a fungal attack, with which the hot spot is often confused. It is therefore particularly important for the vet to know the course of the disease and it is also important that the owner observes his pet particularly well. The hot spot is triggered by two circumstances:

1. Parasitic infestation or food allergies
The first inducement to the formation of a hot spot is usually a flea or mite attack or even a simple contact with nettles. Therefore, even dogs with a long coat are particularly affected because the parasites feel particularly comfortable there. The bites cause a strong itching.

2. Intensive licking of the spot
But the sole flea bite or the contact with stinging nettles does not lead to the hot spot yet. This arises only when the dog licks the place again and again. Sometimes an allergy to the flea saliva causes a spot on the skin to become inflamed.

The cause of the emergence of a hot spot in the dog can also be a lack of grooming, a humid climate or superficial skin injuries.

Hot Spot in the dog

This way dog owners can recognize a hot spot in the dog on time

The first symptoms are diffuse and can also be due to various other diseases. The dog is restless, itches and licks its coat again and again. This is the moment when pet owners suspect at first a parasite infestation. Therefore, they should take a close look at the involved area. In a hot spot, the hair falls out of place on the skin and it forms a weeping wound. The wound smells very unpleasant of pus, it is red and causes severe pain. At least now, dog owners must begin to treat the hot spot, in order not to let the symptoms worsen.

How can the hot spot be diagnosed?

The veterinarian recognizes the hot spot in most cases at first glance while examining the animal.Only in very rare cases it is necessary to take a tissue sample.

Hot Spot in the dog


Hot Spot treatment: How to help your dog quickly and effectively

During the treatment of a hot spot in dogs, it is particularly important to prevent the further spread of the hot spot and to accelerate wound healing. It is important that the dog does not continue licking the affected area. In addition, the coat must be shaved all around so that ointments and other drugs can be applied in the best way. The site must also be regularly disinfected during the treatment.

What makes the treatment of the hot spot so problematic?

The problem by treating the hot spot is that dogs repeatedly lick the affected areas. Even if you've found a helping ointment, it will not stay on the dog's skin long enough to help. Some dog owners therefore try to use a collar, which, however, must be worn for a long time and the mobility and the quality of life of the animal is severely restricted during this period of time.

Why is Peticare so particularly effective?

Hot Spot beim Hund

Peticare has developed petDog Health 2109, a highly effective remedy for the dog's hot spot (hotspot), eczema and / or dermatitis in dogs. On the one hand, the high concentration of the active ingredients contained already helps directly at the first application. In the development of this product against the dog's hotspot, Peticare has completely renounced harmful chemicals. The contained active ingredients ensure that the dog skin regenerates quickly and that the itching is stopped. On the other hand, the remedy is a depot preparation that has a long-term effect. The active ingredients are incorporated in a porous structure, which releases them only gradually. Even if the dog licks itself, only the top layer will be removed and the next layer can start working. The affected area is protected from the first application of the ointment thanks to the Peticare Release System.

How can I prevent as a dog owner the formation of a hot spot?

It is not always possible to prevent the formation of a hot spot, caused for example by fleas or mites. Regular grooming is the first step in preventing the formaion of a hot spot. For this we have developed our highly effective care product petDog Health 2109. If mites, fleas or other parasites have accumulated in the coat, our eczema care will help to stop the itching in the dog immediately and thus possibly to prevent the formation of a hot spot. 


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