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Strahlfäule am Pferd - Externe Behandlung neben der Strahlpflege  Rot and Thrush Care for Horses

Rotting of the horse's hoof is triggered by bacteria and one of the most common hoof diseases. Hoof care for horses thus becomes particularly important. Thrush is usually caused by gut bacteria, which is causes by the horse’s contact with faeces from the ground. Bacteria corrodes the hooves with cavities and rot. A lot of horse owners ask themselves .., what is a reliable remedy against thrush?

Strahlfäule am Pferd - Externe Behandlung neben der Strahlpflege  Treat Hoof Thrush Properly!

In most cases hoof thrush has to do with hoof care, more specifically caring for the sole and the ray. It is important to clean the hooves daily with a hoof scraper. The hooves should also be cut and cleaned regularly by a professional blacksmith. With the constant care of the hooves, the thrush is more likely to be prevented. If the hoof is already infected by thrush, this can be effectively treated with the effective hoof care remedies from peticare®. Use the hoof regeneration and care from peticare®.


Highly Effective Remedies for Thrush in Horses:

Hoof care against thrush

Mallenders in the fetlock bend eczema
Stops dry and wet mallenders

Long-term surface disinfection
up to 7 days protection from bacteria and viruses 

Hoof care and hoof regeneration
Promotes growth and elasticity for the hooves
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Strahlfäule - Krankheitsverlauf  Hoof Care - Thrush Disease

The thrush most often starts in the middle of the ray and spreads on from there. The spreading of the thrush can course complete rotting. In severe cases this causes the hoof leather skin to fall off. In extreme cases this will lead the horn to detach itself. If this is the case, the hoof horn skin will only be protected by a thin horn, which can then be easily irritated and inflamed. 

Peticare® thrush care has been specifically developed for the treatment of hoof thrush. This new technological treatment with active ingredients from peticare® stops the rotting process very fast and effectively. Compared to other products on the market, peticare® thrush care ensures long-term disinfection of up to 24 hours. Since bacteria are the cause of rotting, this remedy works directly at the root of the evil. In comparison to other products, this remedy embeds active ingredients into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix), which released the active ingredients steadily and evenly.


Strahlfäule - Krankheitsverlauf  Thrush – How to Handle Thrush

Our thrush treatment effectively treats thrush in the horse hooves. 

The active ingredients are incorporated into a slowly releasing structure. This new peticare release system (PRS) helps to distribute the active ingredients slowly and evenly over 24 hours, thereby providing a continuous, long-term disinfection of the horse hooves. The antimicrobial effect prevents bacteria and supports the recovery of the horses.

Due to the depot effect, the active substances are stored and not released at once. The retard effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients, thus achieving a long-term, disinfection effect. The antibacterial and antimicrobial effect of the active substances releases over a period of up to 24 hours, thus supporting the healing and preventing the penetration of bacteria and viruses. 

In comparison, conventional care products against thrush can only achieve the disinfection effect on the surface and only for a few minutes. The attack from fungi, spores, mites, microbes, bacteria, and viruses must be effectively stopped for healing to take place.


Horse Hoof Care, Thrush

• Long-term effect up to 24 hours
• Reliable disinfection
• Retard/depot preparation
• Stops the rotting process
• No waiting time, works immediately
• 100% cortisone free
• No oily residues
• Micro particles remedy
• Toxicologically harmless
• Complete Biodegradable
• Peticare-Release-System (PRS).


Strahlfäule am Pferd - Externe Behandlung neben der Strahlpflege  Horses, Treatment of Thrush – Additional Treatment of the Environment

External factors must also be taken into account in the treatment of the thrush. A clean and dry barn is mandatory. Since the ammonia present in the horse urine accelerates the development of thrush, it must be cleaned up regularly. The stables must therefore be regularly attended to. In order to bind the moisture from the urine, sawdust should be distributed underneath the straw. 

The thrush penetrates easily into even the tiniest cracks in the horse hooves but the support of healthy hooves helps. Our thrush treatment prevents drying out and hardening of the hooves. The Peticare release system (PRS) supplies moisture to the hooves and stops the rotting process. 

The special sustained release of the active ingredients (depot effect) over 24 hours increases the effectiveness of our products, as compared with other products. 


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