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Ekzemerdecke - Alternativer Schutz ohne Ekzemerdecke  Eczema Blanket – Irritating Protection from Sweet itch (Eczema)

An eczema blanket protects the horse from the sting of the mosquitoes and prevents the horse from scrubbing. The eczema cover protects the horse from the annoying sweet itch (eczema). Unfortunately, the eczema blanket is very unpleasant for the suffering horse during the hot summer weather and should only be used, when all alternatives to the eczema blanket have been explored.


Ekzemerdecke - Alternativer Schutz ohne Ekzemerdecke  Eczema Blanket - Alternative Protection Without Eczema Blanket

As an alternative to the eczema blanket, the attack from the black flies and gnats can also be stopped with the use of the innovative, specially developed Black Fly Stop from peticare®.Biochemical messengers send a signal, which prevents the attack/ stitch from the black flies and gnats. The horse, which is protected with this alternative remedy, is thus spared from the irritating eczema blanket, which soon becomes history. 

The alternative to the eczema blanket consists of biological pheromones (biological messages), which stop the attack from the black flies and gnats. If this alternative remedy is used, it will prevent even severe eczema without the use of the irritating eczema blanket. The Black Fly Attack Stop from peticare® is very economical in use. It is usually sufficient to apply it to 5 to 7 points (spray points). With a daily dosage of approx. 10 spray shots (2 times in 5 places), 250 ml is sufficient for a period of up to 4 to 6 months. This means that you can prevent eczema, without using the eczema blanket for the costs of approximately € 10,00 to € 15,00 per month and thus avoid the uncomfortable, irritating eczema blanket.

Black Fly Stop Attack:
End the summer eczema:

Stop Black flies
Pheromones stop the approach

Multi-repellent mosquito 
protection against insects, mosquitoes, ticks

Eczema treatment for sweet itch eczema
ends eczema in just a few days
(order today before 13 pm, delivery tomorrow)


Alternative zur Ekzemerdecke - Kriebelmücken stoppen  Alternative to the eczema blanket - Stop The Black Flies

As an alternative to the eczema blanket, peticare® Black Flies Stop can be used as a long-term protection. Since this alternative is a depot and sustained-release remedy, the active ingredients are dispensed uniformly over a period of up to 24 hours. The protection against black flies and gnats is sustainable and capable of replacing the eczema blanket. In the case of a strong rain shower, application must be renewed. In the future, this new technology will save the horses from the use of the eczema blanket.


Alternative to the Eczema Blanket – Black Flies Stop, Product Information

• All black flies (world-wide 1550 species)
• all gnats (worldwide 5000 species)
• Up to 24 hours long-term protection
• Prevents the summer eczema
• Spot on
• Sustained-release / depot preparation
• Reliable protection from black flies
• Reliable protection from gnats
• Effective pheromones
• Without chemicals, 100% biologically
• Dermatologically Safe
• Extremely economical and efficient
• Non-toxic, toxicologically absolutely harmless
• Effective professional application for stud farms
• The application is ADMR compliant
• Shelf life for at least 12 months
• Peticare Release System (PRS)


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