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Milben beim Pferd  Mite Infection in Horses

Mite infection in horses triggers a severe itching, which requires that the horse gets a mite treatment. Preventing mites on horses thereby becomes an important part of the horse care. Gras mites, biting lice, scrab mites and demodex mites are very common. The mite infestation in horses can be identified as a limited, round and hairless spot on the horse skin. The size of the bare spots caused by mites are 2 to 10 cm, but can also affect the entire body.


Milben beim Pferd  Mites on Horses – Spot the Mites on the Horses

Mite infection in horses is very contagious, since the eggs can easily be transferred to other horses. During mite infestation it is advisable to disinfect the bridle and saddle, so that the mite eggs and larvae cannot be transferred to another horse. A thorough examination of the horse while brushing and grooming very quickly reveals a mite infection in the horse. In the case of severe mite infestations, it is best to use a fully biological remedy to destroy the mitesThis biological mite remedy has been developed by peticare® in accordance with the latest technological development. The technology is what distinguishes this remedy as highly effective in comparison with other products.


Milben beim Pferd  Mites on Horses - Treat Horses With Mites Properly

The most common parasite attack by mites in horses originates from the mange mites, grass mites, autumn grass mites, or the demodex mites. The mite infestation can occur on different spots on the horse. The dandruff mite is often found in the area of ​​the horse head and feeds on dead skin particles and skin supplements. In the case of mite infestations on the horse, the changes to the skin are superficial. Most of the damage to the horse skin is caused by hair loss and skin irritation. The mites pick up liquid components such as blood and lymph from the damaged horse skin. Because of the subsequent attack from bacteria, skin ulcers and eczema are often difficult to heal. The peticare® mite remedy against mites on the horses, is biologically degradable and highly effective. Through the use of the PRS technology, the mite attack on horses is effectively put to an end and the itching is immediately stopped.


Highly Effective Remedy Against Mite Infestations on Horses:

Mite remedy for horses – Stops itching and kills fungus and mites –

Surface infection mites – Up to 7 days protection from bacteria and viruses

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Milben beim Pferd  Mites on Horses - Use the Mite Remedy Correctly

The special remedy against mites on horses is fully biological and is manufactured by peticare® with a completely new technology. The active ingredients are incorporated into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). This method is what makes this remedy distinct in comparison with other products. Different adjuvants are embedded into the matrix, which ensures that the active ingredients are released slowly and steadily from the matrix over a period of up to 24 hours. The mites on the horse are thereby effectively destroyed and the itching is immediately stopped.


Mite Remedy Against Mites on Horses – Product Information

• Immediately stops itching
• Treatment of fungus, mite attacks and scab
• Cortisone free gurantee
• No antibiotics gurantee
• Depot effect remedy (matrix)
• Relayed effect remedy
• Antimicrobial and antibacterial effect
• Completely biodegradable
• Long-term effect up to 24 hours
• Also suitable for foals and during pregnancy
• Safe use for human beings as well as animals
• Shelf life, minimum 12 months
• peticare release system (PRS).

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