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Pferdepflege - Pflegeporodukte für Pferde  Horse Care - Maintaining Horses Properly

The peticare® horse care system distinguishes itself from other products by a new technology, which is now available on the horse care market. All peticare® products are biological and have been developed over the recent years with the latest technologies. The biological active ingredients contained in the products for horse care are integrated together with other adjuvants into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). The adjuvants, which are embedded into this matrix, together with the active substances, ensure that the matrix releases steadily over a period of up to 24. The peticare release system (PRS) is incorporated in all peticare® products. With the PRS system, the active ingredients in the horse care products are consistently and evenly dispensed, which makes these products effective for up to 24 hours. 


All horse care products have a depot and delayed effect.

Due to the depot effect, the active substances are stored in the horse care products and not dispensed all at once. The retard effect ensures a delayed release of the active ingredients, which provides a long-term, disinfection effect for the horse. The effect of this horse care remedy is antibacterial and antimicrobial. The active ingredients support the healing of the horse and prevent the penetration of bacteria and viruses for a period of up to 24 hours. Conventional products for horse care often only achieve a superficial effect for a few minutes. This is what makes the horse care products from peticare® more effective in comparison with other products.

Pferdepflege - Pflegeporodukte für Pferde  Horse Care - Care Products for Horses – Product Range

The peticare® products for horse care cover all sorts of care for horses. You can use peticare® horse care product in the case of a sweet itch eczema, or to prevent the sting from the gnats. Special products are available for itching, fungal infection, mite infestation or for hoof care. You can also find special and innovative products from peticare® for the treatment of mallenders at the fetlock joints, or thrush. All horse care products have a long-term disinfection effect and thereby promote fast and effective healingPeticare® horse care products can be obtained from the online shops of our international distributors, as well as from selected veterinarians.


Peticare® Horse care - Horse care products:

Eczema, sweet itch eczema in the horse
Attack stop black flies and gnats
Itching, fungal attack, mite infection in the horse
Mallenders and Fetlock Joint Eczema
Thrush, skin care for horses
Hoof care, hoof growth and hoof regeneration
Coat care, coat growth and silky shine
Long-hair care for mane and tail
Insect repellent, insects, flies and ticks
Leather care for saddle, bridle and snaffle
Surface disinfection (itching, fungus, mites).

Horse Care Products - Product Description

• Long-term effect up to 24 hours
• Lasting disinfecting effect
• Sustain-release / depot remedy
• Stops the rotting process
• No waiting time, immediate effect
• 100% cortisone free
• No oily residues
• Technological treatment
• Toxicologically safe
• Completely biodegradable
• Peticare Release System (PRS).

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