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Fellpflege beim Pferd - schmutzabweisende Wirkung  Coat Care for Horses

Coat care must be viewed as one of the most important parts of taking proper care of your horse. The horse coat gets clean from dirt and dust and obtains a wonderful silky shine. Taking well care of the coat is also an opportunity to examine your horse for possible injuries. When brushing and grooming the horse coat, you can more easily identify skin injuries, swelling or ticks. The coat care routines increase the horse’s well-being and also contributes to the communication between the horse and the horse back rider. A healthy and shiny horse coat signals a healthy and well-groomed horse.


Fellpflege beim Pferd - schmutzabweisende Wirkung  Coat Care For Horses – How to Take Proper Care of the Horse Coat

Taking care of the horse coat should take place before riding, so that the dirt particles do not form pressure points on the horse. By regular coat care, smaller bruises and injuries are immediately discovered and the horse can be treated right away.

Stitches, eczema, ticks, fungus and mites can all be found during coat care, and the horse owner, or the horse back rider, can react immediately and treat these health hazards for the horse. 

Fellpflege beim Pferd - schmutzabweisende Wirkung  Coat Care For Horses - How It Works

The peticare® skin care for horses is distinguished from other skin care products by a new technology. The special coat care by peticare® has been developed over the last years, according to the latest technological methods. The caffeine and silk proteins contained in the coat care for horses are integrated together with other adjuvants into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). The adjuvants, which are also embedded in the matrix, ensure that the matrix releases over a period of up to 24. The active ingredients are thereby distributed evenly and steadily to the horse coat.


Highly effective coat care for horses:

Coat care for shine and growth
Caffeine release system, silk proteins

Longhair care for mane and tail
Silky shine with natural fibre protection
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All peticare® products are depot and retard remedies

The depot effect preserves the caffeine and the silk proteins in the Coat care for horses in a sustainable manner; it does not release the active ingredients all at once. The retarder effect provides a delayed delivery of the active ingredients to the horsehair and to the hair follicles. This results in a long-term effect. The growth-promoting caffeine continuously reaches the horse skin over a period of up to 24 hours and penetrates the hair follicle and hair root for optimum effect. The silk proteins form a protective layer around each individual hair strand, thereby ensuring a well-balanced moisture content, as well as perfect all-round protection, over a period of up to 24 hours. After approximately five applications, the dirt-repellent protective film is completely developed and can unfold its effect to 100%. 

Conventional horse coat care products cannot achieve the depot effect, but only act more superficially for a few hours, or minutes. It is only through a continuous and steady release of caffeine and silk protein to the horsehair that the overall structure and growth pattern of the coat is improved; this also shows on the mane and tail. The innovative technological integration of the active ingredients into a depot and relayed release effect, over a steady period of time, ensures that all requirements for professional horse care for the mane, tail and coat is met.


Coat Care and Coat Shine

• Product Information
• Moisturizing active ingredients 
• Promotes and improves Coat growth 
• Caffeine release system 
• Lasting silky shine 
• Dust- and dirt-repellent 
• Long-term effect due to caffeine depot 
• Secure support for the saddle 
• Completely biodegradable 
• Guaranteed safe use for humans and animals 
• peticare release system (PRS)


Fellpflege beim Pferd - schmutzabweisende Wirkung  Coat Care For Horses - Dirt-Repellent Effect

Horse care is an important part of professional horse care. Almost every horse owner has his or her own experience with the care of the mane and tail. The new peticare® technology improves the coat care effectively and thus provides a lasting shine to the horse coat. The horse skin is dirt-repellent after only 3 to 5 applications. Caffeine penetrates the horse skin into the hair follicles of the horse. From the hair root it promotes development of the coat. The silk protein in the coat care from peticare® gives the horsehair a lasting shine. The caffeine contained in the coat care for horses works through a depot, which releases the active ingredients directly to the hair roots, steadily over a period of up to 24 hours, thereby promoting healthy growth of the horse coat.


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