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Pferdesalbe & Wundsalbe bei Starker Krustenbildung  Horse Ointment – Wound and Scab Balm for Horses

The horse ointment for wounds and scabs is a pain-relieving remedy, which in a very short time dissolves scab and encrustation and supports the healing of the wound.The horse ointment for treatment of wounds and scabs, destroys bacteria and prevents the penetration of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

The horse ointment from peticare® stimulates the cell regeneration sustainably, thereby promoting a scar-free healing of the wound, as well as healthy coat growth. 


Pferdesalbe & Wundsalbe bei Starker Krustenbildung  Horse Ointment - Scab Ointment against Crusts and Scab in Horses

Most horse owners are familiar with the problems caused by open wounds on their horses. The causes are numerous and can relate to e.g. eczema (summer eczema) or horses that are often attacked by mallenders (wet or dry mallenders). When the wound secretion dries, a thick scab (or wound scab) develops on the horse skin. In horses, there is always the danger that scrubbing, scratching, or biting can cause the scab to detach, which then interrupts the healing of the wound. For many horses, the healing process takes weeks or even months.

The horse ointment from peticare® quickly and reliably softens the lesion and scab. The healing process is not interrupted and after a short time, the wound is healed without any scarring.


Pferdesalbe & Wundsalbe bei Starker Krustenbildung  Horse Ointment – For the Treatment of Dry or Greasy Mallender

The malleders in the fetlock is, in all its forms, one of the most common diseases on horses. Moisture, dirt and various pathogens irritate the thin skin of the fetlock joint and this develops into eczema. The shape and the appearance of the mallenders varies greatly, for example wart malleders, calluses malenders or circle malenders. 

The classic mallender begins with minor injuries and / or irritation. The skin reddens, becomes painful and encrusted wound secretions develops. The crusts may spread, which makes the bacteria penetrate into the wound over and over again. Wrinkles and cracks develop, and very often the malleners becomes chronic. 

The horse ointment from peticare® softens and removes the crusts. The inflammation is stopped, germs and bacteria are destroyed quickly and reliably. The horse ointment/ wound ointment /scrub oilment quicly promotes healing of the injured skin; it reestablishes a protective layer over the skin. The horse ointment acts as a disinfectant and is used during the repair phase to promote healing from mallenders. The itching is stopped and the healing process is supported, thereby enabling the development of new skin tissue.


Horse Ointment – Wound and Scab Balm from peticare®

Wound balm and scab balm
for the treatment of sweet itct eczema and mallenders.
For the treatment of scabs and crusts.
Disinfectant stops the itching.



Pferdesalbe & Wundsalbe bei Starker Krustenbildung  Horse Ointment - How does the Wound and Scab Balm Work?

The peticare® horse ointment is a special ointment for open wounds (wound balm) and incrustation (incrustation balm). It is a depot and sustained-release remedy. All active ingredients are incorporated into a minute, porous and homogeneous matrix. This special preparation provides a long-term depot and the active ingredients are released slowly and evenly. The peticare-release-system (PRS), specially developed by peticare, releases the active ingredients slowly and evenly. Compared to other products, the active ingredients are evenly distributed over a long period of time, due to the long-term effect (depot / sustained-release preparation). Thereby, a lasting effect is obtained.Sustainable, long-term disinfection through delayed release (depot) of the active ingredients. Bacteria and microorganisms are effectively destroyed and contamination is prevented over a period of up to 24 hours.


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Treatment of sweet itch eczema and mallenders
Scabs and crust.
Disinfectant, immediately stops the itching.

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