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Dem Sommerekzem vorbeugen  Eczema – Sweet itch Eczema on Horses

Eczema on horses, who are prone to strong allergic reactions caused by Histamine, usually develops into sweet itch eczema.

If you have a horse who is prone to sweet itch eczema you must pay special attention and choose the right horse care remedies. If the eczema is not cared for, it will get a lot worse. The allergic reaction, which leads to eczema is practically always caused by the sting from the black fly. To help your horse and prevent sweet itch eczema it is very important to choose reliable remedies to prevent the sting from the black flies. peticare® provides reliable protection from the black fly. The newly developed molecular technology peticare® release system (PRS) provides reliable protection for a period of up to 24 hours.

What can be done to prevent eczema

Basically speaking, it is best to keep the horse away from pastures, wetlands, streams or pastures on the edge of the forest, as these areas are exactly the areas, which attract the black fly. Black flies love the moist. In these areas, the population of this mosquito specie is particularly high. However, a well balanced diet (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements) should also be considered. 

Also an excess of protein or a fatty substances can significantly increase the allergy sensitivity and thus the risk of sweet itch eczema. If the horse is already affected by the sweet itch eczema, it is important to prevent the animal from scratching itself. Remove any objects that the horse could use to scratch itself against, for example, branches, tree barks or other sharp edges in the surrounding environment. In case of emergency, eczema blankets can be used.

Was ist ein Sommerekzem  Sweet itch eczema - How is Eczema Triggered?

The sweet itch eczema and the midges drive the horse and its owners close to madness. The triggers of the allergic reaction, which causes the sweet itch eczema to develop, are biting midges and the black fly. In many cases, it is a mistake to assume that it is the stitch from the black fly, which causes the sweet itch eczema in the horse. Actually it is not the mechanical stimulus from the stitch, but an allergic reaction to the salivary secretion of the mosquitoes, which causes the horse to develop sweet itch eczema. As the black fly releases its special saliva secrets into the wound, this causes the horse’s immune system to attempt to prevent the penetration of these active substances. The horse, which is attacked by the black fly, thus releases histamine, which leads to a swelling of the surrounding skin and causes extreme itching due to an allergic reaction. The itching provokes an irresistible urge to scratch, just like it does for human beings. Consequently, the horse begins to scratch itself against anything possible in the nearby. The scrubbing makes the wound worse and prevents healing as bacteria easily penetrate the open wound. This also attacks more black flies. 

This keeps the horse stuck in a vicious circle....!


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Dem Sommerekzem vorbeugen  Sweet itch eczema - Protection from the Black Fly

In order to prevent eczema, it is very important that the horse is protected from the black fly with a reliable black fly protection remedy. The horse can be protected from the attack from the black fly and its stitch with pheromones, which has been specifically developed to provide protection from the black flies and the biting midges. These special pheromones act as a chemical messenger that influences the communication among the black flies. The pheromones act as an alarm thermometer to prevent attraction. Because these pheromones have been incorporated by molecular technology into a Nano scale matrix, they are able to release slowly over a very long period of time. This is a depot remedy (active substance storage) and sustained release preparation (delayed release): The horse is sprayed at 3 to 7 places with the Black Fly Stop remedy. The pheromones, which are embedded into a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix), are released evenly over a long period of time and protect the horse from the attack from the black fly. The effect lasts up to 24 hours, which makes one application per day sufficient.

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