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Kriebelmücken beim Hund   Black fly on dogs – What happens when the dog is attacked by the black fly

The black fly by the Latin name Simuliidae, is a big plague to many dogs and dog owners every year. In Germany there are about 50 species of this insect. The black fly is usually reddish, yellow and black and very small, approximately 2-6 mm. The black fly in dogs is often confused with normal flies and therefore not considered a real danger to dogs. But the black fly’s female egg caterpillars need certain substances to be able to develop, and these substances are only present in the blood. Much like a pool sucker, the black fly stitches the dog and then expands the wound by sucking on it, until a small pool is created in which the blood can be collected. To prevent the open wound from drying out, the black fly adds to the blood a blood clotting inhibitor, which is contained in the saliva of the black fly. 

The dog, which is attacked by the black fly then forms a biological, biochemical defense agent (histamine) in the area of ​​the wound (pool), which is said to trigger a local defense reaction. The body-deficient histamine is dissolved and released from the dog's skin cells by the saliva of the glands. The dissolved histamine is what causes extreme, and severe itching in the dog, as well as an allergic reaction. Actually, the histamine acts as a body active substance and should help to ward off the body-borne substances of the black fly. But unfortunately, an extreme itching occurs. As a result, the dog bites, and scratches itself, which then develops into inflammation and the dreaded eczema on dogs. 

Kriebelmücken beim Hund   Black fly on dogs - Protection from the black fly

More and more dogs are suffering because of the black fly. The black fly is also known as a trigger to the dreaded eczema. The sting from the black fly can cause an allergic reaction in the dogs. This reaction can lead to eczema in dogs. Because of the open, purulent wound that this creates, more black flies are attracted, and the eczema gets aggravated. Because dogs are very prone to eczema, it is really important to prevent the attack from the black fly and other biting midges. To avoid the bite from the black fly, and to heal existing eczema, use the peticare® eczema care for dogs.


Black fly attack stop:
peticare® black fly stop

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Kriebelmücken beim Hund - Stich der Kriebelmücke verhindern  Prevention from the Black fly attack 

The attack from the black fly can be stopped by using the Black Fly Stop product from peticare®. Natural pheromones, in the form of messengers (biochemical information molecules), influence the black fly’s smell perception negatively and thereby avoid the attack. The active ingredients of the product are embedded in a minute, porous and homogeneous matrix, which makes it possible to dispense the ingredients evenly, over a long period of time. Through the depot-effect, the pheromones are released slowly and evenly, and the attack from the black fly is stopped. The protection lasts for a period of up to 24 hours, and will protect the dog from the attack from the black fly.


Kriebelmücken beim Hund - Stich der Kriebelmücke verhindern  Black Fly Stop Attack

To avoid the attack from the black fly on the dog, it is sufficient to apply peticare® black fly stop once every 24 hours. The Black Fly Stop is sprayed at approximately 2 to 3 spots on the dog, which are prone to attacks by the black fly. Use 1 to 2 spray shots per treatment and spray within a short distance of the fur. 

The treatment should be repeated every 24 hours. 


Kriebelmücken beim Hund - Stich der Kriebelmücke verhindern  Black Flies in the Kennel

To help increase the effective radius of this product, the black fly attack stop can also be used in the dog kennel, and on various equipment and interior. 


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