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Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde und Pferde  Disinfectant
For Dogs, Cats and Horses

Every year, many pets suffer from itching, mites and / or fungal infections because of insufficient hygiene and lack of disinfection. Apart from fungus or mite infestation, the summer eczema on horses is frequently causes by lack of disinfection. The lack of disinfection provides for the growth of germs and microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, which can penetrates into the wound because of the lack of disinfection. The lack of disinfection worsens the diseases. The penetration of bacteria and viruses produces ill appearing, bleeding or festering wounds. As many dog, cat and horse owners know, this begins the vicious circle of itching, scratching and open wounds. There seems to be no end to it. This torture is very burdensome for the affected animal, as well as its owner and it goes on for months.

Disinfection of the environment supports the healing process in the dogs, cats and horses.

Disinfection of the animals is also extremely important. In addition to the active and direct control of the disease with the use of the special care product from peticare®, it is of upmost importance to keep the animal's environment as clean and sterile as possible. Proper disinfection of the environment contributes to good health and supports the healing. The aim of proper disinfection is to eliminate the germ load and harmful microorganisms and to protect the wound from penetration. Complete disinfection in animals e.g. dogs, cats and horses can be achieved with a special surface disinfectant. The disinfection is intended to keep the environment and the animals’ living space free from bacteria and viruses, thereby supporting the healing process sustainably.


Highly Effective Long-term Disinfection For 7 days

Surface disinfection 
for up to 7 days, prevents bacteria and viruses

Disinfection, itching and mites, horses
Stops itching and destroys fungus and mites.
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Disinfection, itching and mites, dogs
Stops itching and destroys fungus and mites. 
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Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde  Long-term Disinfection
   Protection Against Microorganisms

The constant desire for movement naturally exposes the dogs, cats and horses to bacteria, germs and viruses, which requires effective and sustainable disinfection of the surrounding areas. The special disinfectant from peticare® for animals is composed by a very thin film, with a long-lasting, surface disinfection effect. The disinfectant forms a tiny porous sponge via the sol-gel process, in which the biocides necessary for the destruction of the germs are stored. The stored, dry components are released by contact with the water and releases the active ingredients evenly for up to 7 days, to keep up the disinfection effect. Because bacteria, latent viruses, mites and fungi always carry a water envelope, they independently release the active ingredients from the matrix and thereby practically destroy themselves.


Results according to ASTM E2180
while comparing an untreated, ceramic test surface with a similar surface sprayed with the special
peticare® disinfectant.

Antimicrobial long-term effects up to 7 days

Test - Time Effect After Application After 3 Days After 5 Days After 7 Days
Escherichia Coli 99,997 % 99,994 % 99,996 %
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 99,996 % 99,995 % 99,997 %
Staphylococcus Aureus 99,997 % 99,996 % 99,995 %
Candida Albicans 99,997 % 99,992 % 99,997 %
Aspergillus Niger 99,995 % 99,992 % 99,837 %


Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde  Long-term Disinfection
   In dogs, cats and horses
   Active odour Control

The long-term surface disinfectant from peticare® effectively helps combat the bad smell, which is caused by bacteria. The very unpleasant odour of e.g. urine is caused by bacteria. These bacteria "metabolize" the ammonia in the urine and produces the unpleasant, bitter odour.

Due to the regular application of the peticare® long-term surface disinfectant, microorganisms can no longer live there. Thereby no unpleasant smell can arise either. This provides a tremendous advantage especially for large farms, for example breeders, veterinarians, animal shelters, veterinary surgeons and animal clinics. 


Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde  Long-term Disinfectant
   for Animals – Suitable Usage

• Dog basket, dog blankets
• Horse stables, horse boxes
• Breeding equipment, saddles, bridles
• Cat litter, cat toys, scratching boards
• Veterinary practices, hospital rooms, operating rooms
• Laundry rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities.

Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde  Long-term Surface
   Disinfectant Summary

• Long-term surface disinfection
• Sustainable disinfection for up to 7 days
• Protection from all microorganisms
• Highly effective against mites, fungal and viruses
• 3-phase effect
• 99.99% disinfection even after 7 days
• Antibacterial hygiene
• Antimicrobial cleanliness
• Protection from microbes and bacteria
• Easy to use

Desinfektionsmittel für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde  Disinfection Counselling: 

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about surface disinfection for animals.

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